Don’t Waste Money When You Can Find Old Friends For Free.

by steldy

Don’t Waste Money When You Can Find Old Friends For Free.

Probably about 10 years ago you had to pay if you wanted to start finding old friends. During this time it was usually people you went to school with or maybe grew up with as a child. It was still fun and exciting, but now you find old friends for free. All you have to do is know where to look.

Social Networking.

It seems like everywhere you turn there is a social networking site, and chances are you will find friends from your past on it. All it takes is about an hour of your time and a computer to make it all happen. The best places to start your search are Facebook and Twitter. They are by far the easiest places for finding old friends.

Get in Touch with a Friend of a Friend.

It might sound obvious but your old school mate might be a ‘friend of a friend’ so check with all your friends as to whether they know the whereabouts of ‘so and so’. If they are good friends then they will help you search.

Old Addresses and Phone Numbers.

Another way to find your old school chum is to simply type into Google ‘reverse telephone search’ or ‘reverse address search’. Google will come up with the best services for you to use. Make use of that ‘last address’, find the telephone number and ask the person on the other end of the phone for information regarding your old school friend. Who knows? It might just work!

Old Photos.

You could try posting an old school photograph onto Facebook , asking if anyone knows the whereabouts of ‘so and so’ (top row, third from right) that sort of thing, and say that you are (bottom row, next to teacher) for example then if anyone recognizes your lost friend they may post important information or contact you direct.

Local Advertising.

Keep in mind though that when you try to find old friends for free it never truly comes together. It is possible that you will have to invest a little money, and a great way to do it is through creative advertising. Place an ad in the “Lost and Found” section of the local newspaper. People do it for cats and dogs all the time, but a real person will grab their attention.

Look Abroad.

Over the years many people move or just want to broaden their horizons elsewhere. If you think this might be the case then looking for ex-pat clubs could help. Most of these establishments have forum facilities you can utilize. All you have to do is look at sites like; Living in…Canada, Greece, so on and so forth. You will also realize that people on the ground are more the happy to lend a helping hand. There are several personal blogs out there with useful links.

Rinse and Repeat.

Even though your luck wasn’t what you wanted the first time around doesn’t mean you should give up. The goal here is to find old friends for free and that means going through the motions over and over again. Places like Facebook and Twitter always have individuals creating an account. So even though the 1st month didn’t help, finding old friends could be much easier the second time around. Just stick with it and you will find that long-lost friend.

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