Du Baichuan: Talk About The New Generation Of Radio And Television And Triple Play – Digital Tv,

Now the work is laying the groundwork for the future. First of all, the point of broadcasting revenue, the national radio and television system in 2008 is 145.2 billion yuan of total revenue, while the telecom industry’s income is 800 billion. Telecommunications industry, 800 billion, the income of all telecommunications, broadcasting industry, 145 200 000 000 Other income also includes, for example, advertising revenues accounted for 69.5 billion, the network’s income is only about 1 / 3 to 1 / 2. That is, the income with the telecommunications network lags far behind.

By Financial The impact of the tsunami, the first quarter of 2009, radio and television revenue grew only 2% of the total in 2009, 1 to 4 months up by 4.3%. In addition to TV ads The amount of sustained growth, have decreased the amount of other ads. However, radio and television equipment manufacturing industry by the financial tsunami is relatively large.

Thus, in April 2009 the State Council issued ” Electronic Information Industry Adjustment and Promotion Plan “, with an emphasis should vigorously promote business innovation and service model innovation, especially in strengthening economic and social fields of information technology in the use of new applications to drive new growth. Specifically, is to speed up analog TV to digital TV transition, rich digital programming resources to promote HD Broadcast to bring digital studio equipment, transmission equipment, satellite receiving equipment upgrades to achieve audio-visual industry chain as a whole.

Related areas for the development of radio and television, “plan” proposed to the core technology in the digital broadcast television breakthrough, we should vigorously promote Digital Terrestrial Television , Mobile TV, digital video and audio codec standards such as the industrialization process, to implement a major project to promote digital television and movies. This indicates that radio and television’s role in stimulating economic.

In addition, the July 22, 2009, the State Council passed the “Cultural Industry Promotion Plan”, pointed out that the cultural industry is a market economy, prosperity and development of an important carrier of socialist culture. In the current international financial crisis of the new situation, emphasizing the development of public welfare cultures, speeding up the revitalization of cultural industries, for people to meet the diverse, multi-level, multi-faceted spiritual and cultural needs, expanding domestic demand, especially consumption, promote economic structural adjustment, of great significance. This is the first time, the cultural industry in the market, the role of the economic crisis.

Need to do now eight, including film, radio and television, the development of cultural performances, advance Cable television Networks, digital cinemas and regional integration and prosperity of urban and rural cultural market and actively develop mobile and multimedia broadcasting, Internet radio and television, mobile radio and television and other emerging cultural industries, promote the culture industry upgrading. These are driving the economy of China recently introduced a number of policy, it is important also raised grasping implementation.

Present, the Broadcasting Television Digital Carry out or very good, very clear goals. Taiwan, there are several areas within the digital, editing and broadcast to the process optimization, the content of the network share, the media capital management and high-definition, stereo production development. Digital cable television is now the city has 229 cities, the whole turn, complete turn of 106 cities, cable digital TV users have more than 5 million. National standard for digital terrestrial television in 2006 promulgated the formal implementation in 2007, the 2008 New Year’s Day opening CCTV-HD and digital CCTV-1, 2, children, music, BTV-1, CETV-3 with the broadcast. Beijing Olympic high-definition terrestrial television in 2008, 51 pilot. 2007 enactment of the mobile multimedia broadcasting standard, there are already 188 cities open.

1, triple play

What is triple play? Narrowly defined telecommunications networks, cable TV, computer network technology, service and network integration and convergence; broadly defined as telecommunications, media and information technology convergence of three industries. From the perspective of the business service definition, refers to the different network platforms tend to carry substantially the same business. Change from the terminal point of view, for example consumer terminals, such as telephone, television, personal computers, tend to receive a variety of network operations.

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