Expanding Your Business And Career With Facebook Friends

Expanding Your Business And Career With Facebook Friends

Networking is an important part of furthering your career or expanding your business. Social networking sites like this make it easier to connect with people and business. This article focuses on expanding your network with personal profile page and your Facebook friends.

Before you use your personal profile for career and business related networking, you have to be ready to give out some personal information for people who you are going to connect. If you are not comfortable sharing everything personal online, consider separating your business profile and personal profile. This is also useful so you will not accidentally post something intimate on your Facebook that everyone can read. You want to create a positive impression about yourself on this page.

Fill out the Info tab on your Facebook profile. Only give relevant information that enables people to recognize you. Upload several pictures that make you look professional and show off your warm personality. Do not post silly or intimate pictures that you do not want public to see.

Facebook allows you to shorten your personal Facebook URL address. You can set this from the Facebook Username page. You cannot change your shortened URL in the future so make sure you choose the best URL. Do not forget to write your Facebook address on business cards.

Next step is start expanding your friend list by friending all the people you know. You can friend your customers, coworkers, experts in your field, or everyone you know in your field. Some people also add their family and friends. However, if you do want to strictly separate your professional acquaintance with personal friends and family, you should not include them in your business friend list. You may also use Find Friends tool from Facebook to look for people through their email addresses and invite people who do not have Facebook account yet.

You can expand your friend list by browsing your friends’ friend lists. Find people who you might know but not on your list yet. You do not have to personally know those people. These people might be experts, speakers, or someone famous. The next step is to send friend request to them.

It is important that you are participating actively on Facebook. You need to occasionally leave comments on your friends’ statuses. Update your status with news about you. Do not write something that will paint you in negative light. Remember that you want to build a positive brand of yourself to your Facebook friends or anyone who read your Facebook page.

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