Fascination of Cricket


Cricket is also called gentleman’s game. It is a game worship sportsmanship and fair play. Cricket originated from Britain, and is now famous in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. It was said that as early as the 13th century, British King Edward I played cricket in northeast England. Cricket is known as a noble game. Henry VIII called it the King’s game. Up till now, cricket is still the sport of middle and upper class. Although cricket has a noble history, British government is now promoting cricket with great effort. For the last 20 years, Australia has been the king in the cricket kingdom. However, Britain is bouncing back. Besides, the cricket players of Britain are very handsome and gorgeous, which has attracted more eyeballs of cricket fans.
Cricket is a kind of sport combined by batting, bowling and fielding. Two teams form a match, with 11 people in each team. One team does the attack, while the other does the defense. Members of the attacking team are called batsmen. During the match, only two batsmen can be sent onto the court at a time, and the two work hard to get a high score. As for the defending side, all of their members go onto the court. One of them, which is a bowler, bowls a ball into the wicket behind the batsmen, and tries to drive the batsmen out of the court. Other members in the defending team are called fielders, who are responsible for catching the ball from the batsmen and preventing their rivals from winning points. After the attacking team has finished their innings, the two teams change their roles. At last, the team with a higher score wins the game.
Nowadays, this noble sport is still welcomed by different classes in society. As to the reasons, it has little danger, and it is easy to learn. Besides, the equipment costs little money and there is no strict request on the courts. It is a kind of noble sport that actually suits everybody. Besides, the people outside and inside the court are all very polite and gentle, creating a friendly atmosphere of cricket matches. It trains the coordination ability between eyes and hands. It can exercise you upper part of body, control ability, skills and strength. In game column, cricket is located in team sports. For cricket fans, cricket itself and the competition between teams from different countries both form great fascination in cricket.

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