Finding a Good Motoring Offences Specialist Solicitor

Finding a Good Motoring Offences Specialist Solicitor

Motoring is governed by a by a number of laws and regulations and they are strongly enforced because there are countless accidents that are associated with driving. Numerous penalties correspond to every violation you make against a certain motoring law. These penalties can be as severe as imprisonment, at times, but if you are careful and particular, you can effectively go around the law to avoid receiving full penalty for any motoring offence that you make, or you can consult a motoring offences specialist solicitor to help you. Here are some offences that people commonly make while driving:

* Using the mobile phone while driving
Ever since 2003, it has been illegal to use one’s mobile phone without a hands free kit, while driving. This law has been enforced for a long time now, and while this has been universally accepted, it does not really stop people from violating it. Even though many people know how dangerous it is do drive while taking a call, lots of people still answer their phones when a call comes in.

Unfortunately, though, there are so many exceptions to this rule. There are so many ways around the rules. There are grey areas that toy with the legality of mobile phones and driving, such as when you are using a phone which operates by dictation or verbal command. Also, using the mobile phone during events of emergencies; unless the driver admits that a real offence was made, it is almost always difficult for the police to charge a motorist for this.

* Over speeding
Every motorist is threatened by the speeding cameras; with some motorists being issued tickets for violations involving mere fractions above the speeding limit. Speed cameras exist to control the number of accidents that occur at one time; for a long time it has worked to effectively limit the accidents that happen and this has been responsible for the issue of millions of pounds in fines, every year. Do you know that there are about fifty kids of speed camera being used nowadays? There are radar types as well as the laser types; and each one of them run specifically according to the type. The flash of the camera, that is the main basis of the offence, can be twisted in so many ways; and a breach of the rules by the police can easily invalidate the initial speed reading.

* Drunk driving
This is most important offence to be regulated on the road and preventing this has been the biggest priority of the police. Inebriation has held the biggest responsibility for the number of accidents, deaths and casualties on the road. Therefore, to make the offence seem even more severe, the law has rendered it’s self even more strict, so that the people who will be found guilty can be banned from driving for a long time.

The passing of such penalty, however, can a lot of inconsistencies because sometimes the charging officer may not have enough evidence and so can only let the person go with a first offence. Therefore, if a person is facing multiple summons, there are easily a number of motoring offences specialist solicitor available to help you go through with it with much ease.