Friends Or Acquaintances: Whats the Difference?

Friends Or Acquaintances: Whats the Difference?

Most of us are confused between friends and acquaintances and wonder how to differentiate between the both. Friends are basically people who we trust and have a bond with. Acquaintances are people we know and maybe we do have fun with them but their access in our lives has been limited by us. At times, acquaintances turn into real good friends and at times they remain as an acquaintance for the rest of our lives. So how do we differentiate between the both?

Here is a simple formula and by applying it we can know who is a friend and who is an acquaintance:
Look over these points and think which of your friends have these qualities.

1.The Trust Factor:

Think about your friends and picture which ones you can really trust and rely on. There are only a handful of people you can trust and the rest would be the ones you might be hanging out with lately but you don’t trust them. If you don’t trust someone but you do meet him or hang out with him then consider him an acquaintance and not a friend.

2.Do You Enjoy their Company?

This is another major factor you need to realize if you really want to differentiate between friends and acquaintances. In most cases, you always enjoy the company of your friends and you like being with them. You all hang out and you love doing crazy things with them but with an acquaintance this does not remain the same. With an acquaintance you might be hanging out but the enjoyment level reduces. If this is so then you for sure know who is an acquaintance and who is a friend.

3.How Much do You Know Them?

Again it is important to think of how much do you know about your friends. Think about one of your friends and think how much do you know about him. If you really know his past, present and his plans for the future then he is your friend but if you don’t know these things that means he is just an acquaintance you probably like being with. Having knowledge about your friends is the foundation of a good friendship and without it no friendship can be established.

4.Is He there when You Need Him?

The old saying ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ is true. How many of your friends are there with you when you really need them? This is a test for friendship and whoever passes it is your true friend. If someone leaves you just because you are the same exciting person and you are going through a tough time that means he was never a friend but just an acquaintance. Consider yourself blessed if you have some real friends who are there for you in your bad times.

Differentiating between friends and acquaintances is important. We should know the people we can count on in our bad times. Life is too short to take chances therefore make sure you have made your decisions wisely.

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