Genuine Or Replica Football Jerseys – How Fat Is Your Wallet?

Genuine Or Replica Football Jerseys – How Fat Is Your Wallet?

You could expect to pay a tidy sum for genuine football jerseys, depending on how popular the player is in correlation to the number of his shirt. After all, if it’s a Dan Merino jersey you are after, you are not going to get an authentic one for a paltry $ 75.00. Mind you, for that price you could acquire a good quality replica New York Giants NFL football jersey. There is, in fact, a world of difference between the term ‘replica’ and the word ‘cheap’: replica football jerseys are not necessarily synonymous with poor quality or even, of necessity, with the concept of being cheap. Nike and Reebok manufacture three qualities of football jerseys. These are the authentic ones that the teams wear, the EQT ones and the replica ones.

Generally, it is the quality of the material that is the main difference between genuine and replica. Another difference is that, rather than being appliqu├ęd onto the jersey, the numbers are screen-printed directly onto the fabric. Naturally, this cuts down the amount of work put into producing the football jerseys, thereby reducing the final retail price as well. Mind you, if you have the heart set on the genuine article that specifically has to be an autographed New York Giants football jersey, then dig deep into your wallet – very deep , in fact. If you can get hold of the genuine jersey, expect to pay around $ 2,449.00. It might pay you to visit, however, as you could find it is retailing online for a few hundred dollars less.

Of course, this is the cost you can expect to pay for an NFL New York Giants autographed Number 10 jersey, allocated to Eli Manning and signed by more than 30 of the 2007 New York Giants’ football team. Furthermore, this particular football jersey is a limited edition, with only 88 of them having been signed: it’s hardly surprising that this jersey costs so much! So, when it comes to replica football jerseys, what else do you need to look out for to ensure that you know what you are buying? Well, people in the know will always turn a garment inside out when gauging the quality of a product.

The seams of a good quality garment will always have seams that have been carefully neatened off, the best ones often bound or folded over and stitched into place. This prevents seams from fraying during laundering and ensures the longevity of a garment and is no less true of a genuine football jersey. Suffice to say that, in the case of authentic football jerseys that are intended to be worn by playing team members, careful attention does need to be paid to the seams. These are often double-stitched for additional strength with the raw edges carefully finished off – which is why you don’t see football jerseys coming apart during a game, no matter how rough the play gets.

If you come across an online sports memorabilia store offering football jerseys worn by Tony Romo for around $ 100.00 or less then you can be sure, even without inspecting the seams, that this jersey is a replica. Obviously, the screen-printed number is a dead give-away but nevertheless, genuine Dallas Cowboys football jerseys, whether belonging to Tony Romo or not, would be retailing for upwards of $ 250.00. Basically, if you are ever in any doubt about whether the football jerseys being offered to you are genuine or not, take a good look at the price, first and foremost and secondly, focus on the place where they are being sold: you won’t find genuine football jerseys in a cut-price store or in your local street market.

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