God, Politics and the Kama Sutra

God, Politics and the Kama Sutra

God, Politics and the Kama Sutra

What if God, politics and the Kama Sutra are not mutually unique? Stay with me right here. What if God, in his infinite wisdom truly gave Buddha the Kama Sutra? Significantly like he gave Moses the Ten Commandments? What if we only applied the Kama Sutra to politics? If you haven’t go through the Kama Sutra, here it is:

The Kama Sutra

“Do not feel in anything at all just due to the fact you have heard it.

Do not feel in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.

Do not feel in something since it is spoken and rumored by many.

Do not feel in anything basically since it is identified written in your religious books.

Do not think in anything at all merely on the authority of your teachers or elders.

But soon after observation and analysis, when you discover that something agrees with purpose, and is conducive to the very good and benefit of a single and all, then accept it and reside to it.”

Now what if we applied the Kama Sutra only to politics? If you utilised the Kama Sutra when approaching any political problem at the finish of the day, you would come to your very own conclusions based mostly on practically nothing other than your personal experiences and understanding. Overlook about the partisan speaking heads, the shout jocks on Tv and radio and the well-identified between us who just enjoy to share their opinions. Sounds quite basic, right?

Yet in the United States we say religion and politics are separate when in truth the two are intertwined in our culture like Apple pie and ice cream, sizzling canines and baseball, guns and America and – you get the concept. Religion and politics are a single in the exact same. A huge bulk of people use their religious beliefs to make political selections. Fiery religious problems are used as hot buttons by each Democrats and Republicans. Yes, Democrats do it too – how about them “Blue Dog Democrats.”

It truly is not quite cool, kosher or politically proper to say that you are a training Buddhist (Richard Gere any person?). Oh, you can can make jokes about it and say that’s what you are, but if you are actually practicing the Kama Sutra on a every day basis and utilizing it to make daily life decisions, then you are just weird, shunned by society, looked on by your close friends as amusing and eccentric. And feel me, I have a few Buddhist friends and they are pretty a lot checked out of society as we know it.

But what if we could make Buddhism work for the daily things? Use the Kama Sutra and get involved alternatively of checking out? I truly think that Buddhists do have it figured out. If there is a flaw, it is that once they have it figured out, they preserve it to themselves. When each and every other religious denomination thinks that they have it figured out, they gear up, start off protelizing and preaching, and investing big bucks spreading the gospel. And that is where the Kama Sutra fails.

There are no massive homes of Buddhist worship on this continent. No way to make cash from a quiet congregation who is going to sit close to and chant. The phrase “Big homes of Buddhist worship” is in fact an oxymoron due to the fact it is an individual selection – being a Buddhist. You can not preach the Kama Sutra. To preach means “to force or propel in an indicated course.” You can not sermonize the Kama Sutra due to the fact to sermonize indicates “to make a moral judgment.”

Therein lies the quandary of the Kama Sutra – so basic in its meaning and so challenging to execute – just like politics and the tough options they say we need to have to make – when the choices are actually pretty easy. Everyone needs accessibility to cost-effective healthcare (verify), we need to feed, residence and cloth the poor and hungry (check), we want to educate our youthful (double-verify) and make the elderly a portion of our daily lives (checkmate).

Nevertheless by basically “currently being right here on earth” we are not able to make these factors come about. We have to practice undertaking what is excellent for the complete a minor each and every day. Even on the smallest scale doing a tiny every single day has a profound impact on people closest to you and eventually a little ripple impact on the planet.

So these days, tomorrow or following week, reduce out the Kama Sutra, publish it somewhere like I did many years in the past and consider to read it each day. I by no means bear in mind to read it every day. I consider about it most usually when I am outside doing yard work (if I was a genuine Buddhist I would have a garden), strolling in the park or sitting and letting the sun beat down on me on a wonderful, breezy summertime day. People locations are places God developed, so that is where I come to feel his presence the most in my existence.

When I seem at the massive problems via the phrases of the Kama Sutra it all looks so easy. So the subsequent time you are learning a political concern apply the words of the Kama Sutra and find out if you attain a distinct conclusion than the crowd. Its energy is inside of every single personal and is not that what democracy is all about – personal power? Currently being an person whilst nonetheless currently being part of the entire of humanity is the core belief of Buddhism. It also requirements to be the core belief of this fantastic democracy that we get in touch with America – because, no matter what you believe or how you slice it – America has a profound impact on the world.