Gossip Girl Season 4 – An Exclusive Sneak Peek At CW’s (part 1)

Gossip Woman Season 4 – An Exclusive Sneak Peek At CW’s (part 1)

A new season of television is on us, bringing several new displays (and a lot of new seasons of outdated ones). A specifically hyped system is the new Gossip Girl present, which is modeled right after the guide series. The series is based on-what else?-gossip. But it goes beyond that.

It is about a group of younger socialites (consider pre-tabloids Paris Hilton), who invest their time partying, shopping, and essentially just residing the substantial daily life that several youthful teenagers wish that they could break into. On the other hand, there is the teenage drama component that elements in the ladies deal with connection troubles, broken friendships, betrayals, and unsupportive households.

The series itself is named after the narrator-the author of a gossip site which focuses on the celebutantes of the story.

If you are planning on watching the demonstrate and do not want any spoilers, do not read through any more than this paragraph. I will sum up my rating right here: acting gets a 9/10, storyline gets a ten/ten, and faithfulness to the books will get a seven/10. If you are an severe fan of the books, you will possibly not be disappointed.

If you did not read through the books but you enjoy this sort of display, then you will undoubtedly not be disappointed. If you would like an unique overview of the first episode itself, carry on studying. I do not give every single single detail, but I do go above the common storyline and plot points.

The present opens with the arrival of Serena, who has just returned to New York from boarding school. We are not sure why exactly she left or why she has returned, but we do know that everyone is fired up. Her best pal, Blair, is slightly pleased when she finds out. More than something, even though, she is nervous rumor has it that her boyfriend, Nate, has a thing for Serena, and Blair naturally does not want to lose Nate. Following me so far?

5 minutes in and we are at a society get together. Everyone is dressed to the nines and the mothers of the show are currently being distant to their daughters. (Paraphrasing Blair’s mom, “If you are going to put on 1 of my fashions, you should tell me so that I can fit it effectively!”) Serena arrives and leaves in under a minute, and everyone is shocked that she did not get drunk.

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