Gourmet Desserts Online For Celebrations and Parties

Gourmet Desserts Online For Celebrations and Parties

Buying gourmet desserts online is a great way to make sure you have the perfect dessert for your special occasion. Online desserts are not particularly expensive, and reach you in perfect condition so all you have to do is open the pack and display them on your table! So what kind of desserts are we talking about here?

You have a large choice of gourmet desserts online, although the most popular tend to come in three general categories that are described below. Your choice will be dependent on the occasion, the number of guests, the time of year, and of course, your personal preference.

1. Gourmet Cakes, Pies and Gateaux

One of the most popular types of gourmet desserts is the type that comes in a form that you can cut up into individual portions. Examples are a strawberry or Black Forest gateau, an apple strudel, a Boston cream pie or a delicious mud cake. I bet your mouth is watering even now, just thinking about them!

Maybe some of your guests are vegans, in which case a dairy-free carrot cake would be ideal for them. The advantage of such pies and cakes is that you can cut slices according to the appetite of your guests – though I doubt many would be please at getting a smaller slice of the pie than their neighbor on the table!

The favorite chocolate cake in Europe is the Black Forest gateau, but why not try something different such as an ambrosia chocolate torte, with two layers of dense chocolate cake with a raspberry layer in between. Fill it and ice with chocolate ganache and frosting and you have a fabulously decadent chocolate dream suitable for any party.

2. Individual Gourmet Desserts

Rather than risking your guests fighting over the largest – or even last – slice of the pie or cake, why not simply give each their own individual gourmet dessert? You can buy an assortment of different desserts, or just select the same one for everybody so there is no fighting at the table!

You can buy a massive range of cakes, pies and pastries online, such as tiramisu pastries, lemon meringue tarts or individual cheesecakes in a variety of flavors. If you want to indulge your guests with a chocolate evening, then how about individual Black Forest tarts, truffle dome pastries smothered in dark Belgian chocolate or even moist individual chocolate brownies with a chocolate ganache pool waiting for you in its center!

Writing this is very difficult, and I am going to have to pop out to my local chocolatier for a while – back soon!

3. Mini Gourmet Desserts

Back now – I think it’s much safer to purchase gourmet desserts online, particularly those delicious dark sensuous desserts that melt in your mouth, oozing with cream mixed with rich dark chocolate that make you want to just lie on the sofa and eat one creamy mouthful after another. Then you won’t give in to temptation and buy everything you see in the chocolate shop!

Enough of that! Back to the advantages of buying gourmet desserts online and the wonderful choice you have. Mini desserts are not the same as the individual desserts described above, but are smaller – more in the form of petit fours. Small individual mouthfuls of sheer chocolaty, fruity bliss!

For example, mini ├ęclairs of delicious choux pastry filled with cream and a chocolate ganache topping and striping. Or perhaps you might prefer a white carnation mini, comprising dark chocolate flavored with a black raspberry liqueur enclosing a soft chocolate filling, each topped with a carnation flower head sculpted from solid white chocolate?

How about a selected of differently flavored mousses contained in shot glasses, traditional French-style petit fours filled with chocolate, raspberry and marzipan, or mini rum balls, mud balls, truffles or brownies? Enough!!


When you purchase desserts online they are usually shipped frozen, with dry ice packed into the external containers to keep them frozen. Thaw them out naturally rather than use a microwave, and they will be as fresh as they day they were made and just as delicious. They can generally be kept in your freezer for 6 months at 20F or a year at 0F, and many can be refrozen after you have thawed them and eaten some – so no leftover waste!

You can purchase gourmet desserts online to feed an entire party, a family or just to indulge yourself. You could use your imagination with the mini desserts to come up with some great wedding favors, or just as thank-you gifts for your friends and relatives as they leave after your party. Whether that is a simple dinner party, a full family celebration or even a corporate event, gourmet desserts are not only wonderful to eat, but also make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

Buying Gourmet Desserts online makes sense when you consider how difficult it can be to come to an objective decision when faced with all these wonderfully enticing cakes, tarts and pies in the raw, just waiting to be eating. Check out Global Home Accents for a wide selection of gourmet desserts and other gifts suitable for all occasions.