How Do LCD Televisions Work?


We surely use items that have Liquid Crystal Displays every day. Generally, the LCDs are everywhere. They are in digital clocks, watches, laptops, microwave ovens, and many more electronic devices. Liquid Crystal Displays are common. They have real advantages over display technologies of another kind. They’re lighter and thinner, and they consume lesser power than CRT TVs

What are the Liquid Crystals all about? The common notion about Crystals is that they are solid materials like quartz, hard as rock, while Liquid is different. So how could they be combined?

It is taught in school that there are 3 common matter states: Gas, Liquid, and Solid. Solids act like the way that they do because molecules maintain their orientation to stay in one position in respect to the others. Molecules in liquids, however are opposite, they could change orientation and move elsewhere. However, there are substances that could exist in odd states like Liquid or like a Solid. When they’re in this state, molecules maintain orientation like molecules in solids, but they also move around in different positions like those molecules in liquids. It means that the liquid crystals are not really liquids or solids. That is how they had their contradictory name.

Do liquid crystals move like liquids or solids or something else? They turn out to be closer to liquids than to solids. They take fair amounts of heat to be able to change substances from solid to a Liquid Crystal, it takes more heat to be able to turn that liquid crystal to a real liquid. It explains why crystals of liquid are so sensitive to temperature. This also explains why laptops may act silly in cold weather or hot days.

So now that you know how the liquid crystal display TVs work, you may proceed and purchase your own LCD TV. However, for your peace of mind, you can do more research for more information. Buying an LCD TV is no joke, it requires deep thinking and broad knowledge. For you to enjoy your purchase, you must think correctly. Good luck and have a happy viewing experience.

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