How to Build Up Excitement for Great Sex: One Dozen Paths to Better Sex

You would be learning about how to build up excitement to great sex in this article including the twelve dozen paths to a better sex with your partner.
When we talk about relationships, it is important to make a distinction between sex and intimacy; one doesn’t necessarily entail the other. There can be sex without the emotional attachment that intimacy tends to provide; and yet sex in itself is a very intimate act. I mean, can you think of a time where you’re physically closer to anyone than when you’re having sex? But that’s just it, physical closeness doesn’t always means there’s intimacy. Every healthy relationship reaches a point where you don’t actually need to have sex to feel close to your significant other, where you can feel free and uninhibited to be who you are, and to really connect to your favorite human being. That’s when the divide between sex and intimacy becomes clear.

Anyone who has experienced real, deep intimacy can agree that it makes the sex so much better. Because it’s not just your bodies that are as close as possible, it’s also yourselves, your souls, and that is quite a beautiful thing to share.

When you’ve been dating for a while, you start to notice that libidos can stabilize into a sort of routine. When the honeymoon phase is over, you stop having sex as much. The good news is that intimacy is a great fuel; it helps maintain the intensity in your sexual life because when you can create a deep connection with someone and an intense emotional bond, you’ll find you don’t want to keep your hands off of each other. Your sexual desire is not a given thing that works on its own, it is a part of yourself, and as such it needs more motivation than just pleasure for the sake of pleasure. There’s inspiration in sharing yourself and in receiving someone else!

So here we have some ideas to help you accomplish this, to feed your intimacy and to create something enriching and blissful:
• Take walks to talk about the things you want to share with one another and you’ll find that after a few minutes you’ll feel the whole world belongs only to you.
• Let your partner know during the day that you’ve been thinking about them, be flirty and you can build anticipation. We all know how great that feels!
• Give each other a massage before bed. Who knows what that might turn into?
• Or just pillow talk for a while before you fall asleep; take a moment to appreciate each other even if your days are busy.
• Turn moments of daily life into something you can do together and have fun, like cooking dinner, exercising, watching movies, etc.
• Make out! This never ever gets old, but for some reason couples stop doing it regularly after the honeymoon phase. Huge no-no! Have make out sessions and let yourselves feel the good old tickles again.
• Stay mindful of each other and don’t take things for granted. Express gratitude when your partner has done something that made your day a little bit better, a little bit easier, and a little bit happier; no matter how small.
• Reminisce about the past, about the firsts you had with each other.
• And dream about the future! Your relationship can only get better as time goes by, so talk about the ways you can grow even further together.
• Cuddle! Take the time to feel each other, relax into each other. Don’t forget how good it feels to be close.
• Share your secrets. Be fearless about opening up and have it be a constant.
• Play games together every once in a while. Be silly, have fun, laugh! Bet your clothes or arrange a special treat for the winner!

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