How To Do Effective Boxing Training Workouts

How To Do Effective Boxing Training Workouts

Are you thinking of taking up a new sport like boxing? You do know that compared to other sports like basketball and baseball, boxing is a very intense and physical sport. You can and you will get hurt. It is all in the game, as they always say. Pain is a part of it and if you want to become a good boxer, you will have to learn some boxing training workouts so you will be prepared for each bout.

Every kind of boxing workout, in most cases, will depend on the skill level of the trainee. Because you cannot go up against a sparring partner for a 10-minute round if you have just started a month ago. You still have to build your strength, stamina and speed before you can compete in a much higher level with longer rounds.

As a good example, and this is especially if you are just beginning in the sport, a one minute of a round should be more than enough for your initial training. Then after a month and you have felt that you have gotten stronger and better, then you can increase it to two minutes and then after that, up to three minutes. The key is gradual increase in your time as your body adapts to it.

Assuming that you are in great physical condition then your boxing training workouts should be composed of the following:

First three-minute boxing workout: Stretching and warming up through jogging. Do some shadow boxing as well.

Second, third and fourth three-minute boxing workouts: This is now the real boxing round and you should work on increasing your speed at this stage. After all, speed is the most important asset any boxer should possess.

Fifth 3-minute boxing workout: Another boxing round. Do not just hit your opponent, this is still training so you should focus on determining which are your strongest punches and which are the weaker ones. Rest after each round.

Sixth 3-minute boxing workout: This time you are just going to work on the light punching bag. Your aim for this is to increase your speed and also to train your eyes to focus as you start to punch fast.

Seventh three-minute boxing workout: It is your choice. You can continue working on the light punching bag or move up to the heavy punching bag.

After all of these seven workouts, do some more warm ups like jogging or work on the skip rope so you can slowly lower your body heat. Then head on to the shower to refresh yourself.

And always remember that boxing is not just about increasing our punching power and speed. You must also have a very healthy body to be able to continue with the sport. Some of the things that an aspiring boxer should do are: not eating a big meal before a fight or heavy workout and to get enough sleep every night so you can fully recharge your energy.

And you must limit your caffeine intake as it can affect your concentration and ruin your energy level. You can choose tea as a safer alternative.

These are among the best reminders that any first time boxer can get to help them with their boxing training workouts. Just continue with your training and in just a few more months you will become a very good boxer yourself.

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