Indulge Into These European Inspired Desserts

by dziner

Indulge Into These European Inspired Desserts

What is your favorite part of every meal? Dessert, of course! It doesn’t matter if you are serving dessert to your family on Monday night or enjoying something extremely delicious and special for a special occasion. We all look forward to what comes after the main course.

You simply cannot deny the power of dessert to calm, relax and please. Yet, some of the more elaborate deserts that occupy a special place in the hearts of many people tend to be from Europe. Italian, French and German desserts are among the most satisfying to be found anywhere in the world.

Cultures from Europe tend to favor heavier desserts that sit down on the stomach and make you feel full. It is the exact opposite when eating desserts in hotter, Mediterranean climates where fruity flavors and light cakes are preferred. This may reflect the type of food eaten in these different cultures. Lighter meals can accommodate a heavy dessert much better than a meal that is already heavy to begin with.

The French do tend to create desserts that are lighter in nature, but for the most part German and Italian desserts are heavy. The Italians and Germans tend to pack more sugar, fat and calories into their desserts and they tend to be a lot heavier than want is enjoyed in other parts of the world.

When you visit French restaurants you are likely to find very light, fruity desserts or crepes being served. You may also find wine and cheese to be one of the popular French desserts. Yet, go to the country and taste every day cooking by the French people and you will find some heavier desserts.

The puffed pastry called Apple Tart Tatin is one very well known dessert often served in the French country regions. This is completely mouthwatering and delicious! It is a puffed pastry made from real butter, vanilla bean, green apples, and French brandy.

Italian Desserts- Italian desserts can take many forms. The more rich and heavy desserts are generally eaten at an late evening meal, but desserts are even eaten during daytime meals as well. One great dessert that is often eaten which is a bit more heavy is known as Tiramisu.How would it be possible to go wrong with layers of amazing pound cake, mascarpone, and cream? Another of the most delicious and often eaten desserts in Italy is known as affogato. The name literally means drowned. It consists of a large scoop of Italian ice of rich ice cream which has been topped with a boiling shot of espresso. The name Affogato means drowned.

German desserts tend to be rather simple to make but they tend to hit the stomach and sit there rather heavily. While the flavors incorporated by the Germans are loved all over the world, you have to note that they are heavier in nature than many desserts from other cultures. One German favorite is Kuchen. This just means cake in German and there are many different ways to make this dessert. For instance, many people will make the cake with a filling of sugar and cinnamon while others may incorporate only sugar as a filling and then cover the entire thing in custard sauce with a sweet taste. One thing that ties most German desserts together is their super sweet taste.

Do any of these desserts sound like what you would enjoy? You can find Italian, French and German dessert recipes online and many are completely free. Experiment with the different flavors and you will find many recipes worth keeping in your family recipe box.

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