Introduction to Twins Boxing Gloves

Introduction to Twins Boxing Gloves

Twins Special Co. Ltd, is a Thai company that manufactures Twins Boxing gloves. The company is famed for its premium quality boxing gloves, other boxing equipment and especially its Muay Thai gloves, pads etc. There are top of the game and known for being the most comfortable and hard-wearing Muay Thai and boxing gloved in available in the world.

The range of twins boxing gloves include:

Twins Boxing Gloves – Standard gloves for pad work and sparring
Twins Fancy Boxing Gloves – Similar to the standard Twins boxing gloves but with more vivid and exciting designs
Twins Grappling Gloves – Aimed at the grappling/MMA practitioner
Twins Training Bag Gloves – Manufactured as a lightweight glove to be used specifically for working bags and pads

If you are looking for a quality glove that will last you years, then you could most certainly do worse than purchasing a pair of Twins Boxing Gloves.

As Twins boxing gloves are manufactured in their factory in Bangkok, they’re often expensive to purchase from the US or Europe, but this doesn’t top them appearing throughout gyms in the West.

The varieties of Twins Boxing Gloves that are manufactured for pad/bag work, sparring and fights are among the most popular of all their ranges.

Twins boxing gloves are made out of 100% cow skin leather. They feature elastic, lace-up or velcro wrist closure for a snug fit. Sometimes they have a combination of 2.

The Twins Boxing Gloves in 6oz, 8oz and 10oz are ideal for Muay Thai or boxing bouts with the 12oz, 14oz, 16oz and 18oz gloves being more suited to training with heavy bags and for protection when sparring.

The heaviest gloves, 16oz and 18oz are helpful training aids due to their weight and the extra resistance this provides whilst training.

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