iPhone i9 – Which Cell Phone is Meant by This Phrase? I’ll Tell You


I sometimes get emails describing a phone called the “i9 iPhone.”  Now, it’s pretty obvious to me what the writer means by this phone, but I’m sometimes not sure if they know that what they are describing is meant for a phone that isn’t technically an iPhone or made by Apple. In fact, the i9, although a clone or knock off, is a dead ringer for the original and is a Chinese import.  It’s made by a company called CECT that made the original iClone (P168) and have several well known replicas under their belt.  And, there are a few ways that it differs from the Apple version (although I find these differences to be pluses.)  I’ll go over these differences in the following article.

The i9 Has Some Bonus Features That The Apple iPhone Doesn’t:  As I said, the two phones are alike in many ways.  The clone has the ability to do most everything that the original does.  It can web browse.  It has media players that play MP3s and MP4s.  It has a digital camera and web cam.  It allows for email, MMS, SMS, and EMS.  It supports Bluetooth.  It has handwriting and voice recognition.  It has the touch screen that allows you to drag, scroll or flip through like you are turning the pages of a book.

But there are a couple of places where it veers off the beaten path.  It is a dual sim phone.  This means that you can have and use two sim cards. What are the implications of this?  Well, some people don’t use this feature at all, but some love it because it means that they can have to phone numbers or two different plans.  For example, they could use pre paid or low cost talk on one and pre paid Internet on the other.  And, I typically will skip some months of Internet if I know I’m not going to be using it (although my son tops up like clock work and couldn’t live without it for even a day.)  This spares me from having to pay monthly or repetitively for something that I don’t use.  I’ve been there and done that and appreciate not hemorrhaging money every month now.

Additionally, you can remove the battery on this model yourself.  There is also an FM radio and the shake and tilt feature. For people who like the looks of Apple’s 3G, CECT was quick to make a 3rd generation model of this phone called (what else) the i9 3G.  It’s basically pretty similar to the original, but it has the rounded back, the sleeker design, new icon options, and new sleek and shiny housing.

Where The i9 Is Not Like The Apple Phone:  As great as this phone is (and I’m a big fan), there are some omissions. You can’t log onto the apps store and go crazy.  But, this phone does support Java downloads so you can log on to the get jar website and download those apps all you want (and most times this is free.) 

Another huge place where the phones differ as I’ve mentioned before is cost.  The clone is contract free and quad band.  It can work with any GSM carrier.  So you aren’t being forced to go with the partner network and you typically won’t run into huge monthly fees.

The bottom line is that if you’re dead set on Apple’s version it’s unlikely that you’re going to be happy until you get it.  I know that the original enjoys people who are very devoted to it.  But, if you’re just looking for a phone that has the same extensive features without breaking the bank, then the i9 is a really sound alternative that allows you more savings over the life of the phone.  Side by side, the two look almost exactly alike, right down to the wallpaper, but of course, they are made by two different manufacturers.

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