Italian Football Federation Trinidad Rights “accused” Guangzhou Clothing Store – Clothing,

Guangzhou 1 Clothing Fraudulent use of the name of the Italian Football Federation shops selling clothes, was found in the Italian Football Federation, in order to protect their intellectual property rights, the Italian Football Federation travel long distances to Guangzhou court.

How the Italian Football Federation will come all the way from Guangzhou to litigation? Originally, they found, Guangzhou merchants Tangmou in Tianhe District, Guangzhou clothing store business, without their permission and within the clothing stores and other sites in Alibaba Sell T-shirt, pants, sports Set And so on, using the trademark symbol with the Italian Football Federation is very similar. The Italian Football Federation has long been applied in China, more than 20 products registered trademarks, and so they have bought into that infringement, claim 500,000 yuan.

Tianhe District Court trial comparing involved blazers, pants in ” IT ALIA “word mark and trade mark registered trademark of the plaintiff are the shield-like shape,” ITALIA “,” FIGC “letters and the same shape, contains three-colored blocks of color surrounded by crescent-shaped, vertical strip of shield-shaped three-color blocks of color, five-pointed star and other factors the star number, color block color, three color crescent-shaped blocks of color around the location and size of the slightly different, but the combination of elements similar to the overall structure of the two constituted approximate.

These Sportswear Although the Department of Movement on the collar marked with its own trademark, but the chest in the sports jacket, pants and so the lower right side of the place has outstanding use of similar trade mark with the plaintiff “ITALIA” word shield trademark, easy to mislead consumers. Therefore, the defendant Tangmou Tianhe District court has the exclusive right to constitute trademark infringement, to compensate 100,000 yuan. Report

Dove “Love Husband” compensated 180,000

Shantou 1 Food Company without authorization in its production of “Love Husband” silky chocolate products, the use of Shannon and “DOVE / Dove” silky milk chocolate products, “DOVE / Dove” milky white product packaging and decorating with chocolate similar packaging and decoration, with the packaging and decoration of the “love husband” silky fragrant chocolate products, at least in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hangzhou, Changsha and other places sell. To this end, with “DOVE / Dove,” “crispy rice” Mars U.S. brands will Shantou “Aio” court. The court found that the plaintiff Tenryu fake food decoration peculiar to well sell the product, constituted unfair competition, economic loss should be compensated 180,000 yuan.

“PUMA” catching Li Gui shops pay 35 000

2009 12 31 , “PUMA” notary commissioned to West Lake Road, Yuexiu District, a shop, bought the shop in two Trench Coat Payment 200. Careful examination revealed windbreaker in the right chest, back, tag, care label, zipper head office and involved the use of trademarks similar to Leopard graphics; the size label and tag office and involved the use of the “PUMA” and the Leopard Graphics trademarks similar; positive Obscure clothing, care label, Hat Department used the “PUMA” trademark and “puma” logo.

Result, “PUMA” a piece of paper v. sued in court, the court heard that the shop owner should be compensated Hemou “PUMA” economic losses 35,000 yuan.

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