Led Tvs – The Latest Addition To The Hd Tv Family

When you talk to someone about your new TV youve bought you may have simply called it a widescreen TV or perhaps a Plasma TV since these terms have become popular vernacular when people casually mention (or boast) about the huge TV screen that they have just splashed out on. The truth is that some people buy large HD TVs without paying attention to what they actually are as buying a large screen TV these days can require a fair bit of research and thought before purchasing.

There have typically been two options available when buying a large TV: Plasma or LCD, many people prefer LCD as they are less prone to ghosting and other image issues but there is now a new version of LCD TV sets being sold: LED.

LED TVs use a different method of lighting that is normally found in laptop and computer monitors, by using LEDs to illuminate the image you get a brighter and more vibrant image but also dont use as much electricity to provide that image. LED TVs are now being bought more and more with significant benefits over Plasma and LCD models.

Plasma TV manufacturers have estimated lifespan of their panels, which whilst they can be incredibly long for tech gadgets (17 years in some cases) LED TVs are not limited in this way and are considered the longest lasting TVs you can buy. The lighting is also done using smaller LED diodes as opposed to Cathode tubes that LCD TVs need, they are so small that they can even be side lit which helps to reduce the profile of your new TV. Many LED TVs are almost invisible from the side and are perfect for wall mounting as they wont be sticking out too much and will be much lighter as some people can have difficulties mounting TVs due to how heavy some LCD and Plasma models can be.

Another way in which LED TVs have helped develop a better picture quality is the way that it illuminates brighter parts of the picture but also keeps dark areas dark. This is something that Plasma TVs do well and LCD TVs can struggle since they are completely backlit which can produce unnatural blacks in your picture. An LED TV is able to isolate the dark areas and dims that area of the picture to provide the very best picture.

LED TVs are soaring in popularity; arriving on the scene slightly later they have the benefits from both LCD and Plasma models whilst addressing their individual downfalls. Make sure your next TV purchase is an LED TV!

There are many LED TV models available online as well as LCD and Plasma TVs depending on your preference.