Listen to Your Aging Relatives: Elder Abuse Allegations

Listen to Your Aging Relatives: Elder Abuse Allegations

When an elderly person makes abuse allegations, it is important to listen to that individual. Naturally, there are some people that will simply make up these allegations because they are unhappy about being transferred to a care facility instead of remaining in their homes or with family.

Most elderly people, however, will not make up these sorts of things, and their abuse allegations should be listened to. They know what they are subjected to on a daily basis, and their relatives are often not there enough of the time to see anything bad happening. While not all elder abuse and nursing home neglect comments are legitimate, they all should be looked into, so that a person can determine whether he or she thinks that an elderly relative is really being abused or neglected in any way.

By listening to an elderly relative, one can determine whether abuse or neglect may be taking place. Another reason why this is so very important is that not all elder abuse or nursing home neglect is physical. Mental and emotional abuse and neglect can also take place in the elderly, and when it does, it leaves no outward marks, such as cuts or bruises.

However, emotional and mental abuse and neglect are just as damaging, and perhaps more damaging, than physical abuse and neglect, especially in an elderly population that might already be feeling as though they are no longer as useful as they used to be. While many elderly people are still extremely useful to society for their wisdom and their caring, it is quite understandable that many of them may not feel this way, and cruel words from those that are charged with the duty of caring for them will not help the situation.

If a person does find that an elderly relative has been abused or neglected, the hiring of an elder abuse lawyer becomes necessary. Whether a person calls himself or herself an elder abuse lawyer, a nursing home abuse lawyer, or a nursing home negligence attorney, the basic goal of the job is the same – to protect people from elder abuse and nursing home neglect, and to get compensation for those who have already been abused and neglected.

Because elder abuse can be painful for the entire family and afflict them all with feelings of guilt for putting their elderly loved one in harm’s way, it is important to address that concern with the family and the elderly individual as part of the law proceedings. Showing that the family trusted in the nursing home staff is an important part of showing that there was abuse and neglect taking place.

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