Live TV online is better for our psyche

Live TV online is better for our psyche

Where is our involvement?

In today’s maverick era people search for things that are interactive. Things that offer an active involvement of the crowd always rules the consumer market. Researchers and experts are subjecting the consumer market to extensive surveys to understand the psyche of people. The results of those surveys were an eye-opener and unveiled a lot of latent facts about the consumer’s mind. The studies stated that the satellite TV service’s popularity has reached a saturation. Yes, it offers recreation and pleasure. However, the media does not offer any scope for the viewers’ participation into the recreation process.

So let’s switch to Live TV online. Wait. What’s the hurry? A little patience please. Live TV online is stylish. So let’s do it in style.

A little Abraham vibe won’t hurt.

The previous section reveals that satellite TV is failing to motivate consumers of the contemporary times. So when it’s about motivating element, talk to Abraham Maslow (the greatest cult in motivational theories). It’s time now to recall his classes on the theory of hierarchy of motivational levels. Human mind traverses through five levels of need. Let’s check the conventional video service on these five specifications.

Physiological needs:- These are one’s basic drives like hunger, thirst and want for pleasure. At this level human mind is absolutely like a kid that urges to derive pleasure. The mind at this level has little IQ and analytical capabilities. This is because, it has not yet fulfilled its elementary desires. Talking in terms of the context the conventional satellite video service is meeting those desires completely. The mind wants pleasure and the service does the needful. So it’s a green signal from this specification.

Security needs:- People always want things in surplus. So they would want a guarantee on pleasure. They want the delight to come for a long time. Satellite video service fulfills that too. If one can afford the service, then it is going to serve him for a considerable period. It’s time to celebrate. Things are proper on this level too (Let’s move on to the next level. The celebration can wait).

Need for affiliation:- Humans always like to conform to the environment around them. Consumption is not the only motive. They like to act explicitly too. When people come in contact with a stimuli they form a perception about it and wish to express their mind. They want to react. They want to share their views. Things become great for them when their views stand conspicuous. This is where satellite video service fails to lure consumers. That mini video set at home only speaks and never listens. People see video content and gather reactions. They seriously need a vent. Television Channels On Net are helpful in this regard. One can watch Television Channels On Net and comment on them freely.

Esteemed needs:- Humans want recognition too. When people use Mobile TV Live 2g service and share their views on the video content, their thought process gets an exposure to the world. So, people acquire an esteemed status through Mobile TV Live 2g service.

Be yourself:- This is the ascetic state of mind. At this level, mind wants to fulfill its dormant desires. For instance a person might want to become a writer or a public speaker or a philosopher. However, he may not get an opportunity to gratify these hidden wishes owing to pressures throughout his life. This web video service drives him to those unaddressed zones. The web video service won’t mind if someone writes an encyclopedia or manuscript of his profound reactions on any video content.

Web video service providers are doing extensive research on the conventional theories propounded by scientists of the orthodox age. They are making endeavors to get into the psyche of today’s consumer to gratify it fully. So now if someone says that web video service is awesome, is it an exaggeration?

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