Looking For A Way To Get More Friends On Myspace?

by luigig

Looking For A Way To Get More Friends On Myspace?

Since Myspace launched in 2003 by L.A programmers E-Universe it has since then been growing, now in the year 2008 there is over 200 million users around the globe in well over 20 international territories like US, UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Myspace is also one of the best places to share your product, service or business, and with all the “could be” eyes that you could wrangle in, why wouldn’t you want to promote your business or product on Myspace?!?

You can market your site very easily on Myspace, but how do you get people to see what you’re selling? It’s all about the friends! Sure you can add an advertisement to the classified section, or even buy an ad directly from Myspace itself. But Myspace makes the classified section very strict. If they don’t like your ad, they delete it. And Myspace ad buys? Do you know how much ONE space of ad costs? A LOT!

So obviously the next best thing would be to promote your service or business on your profile and with your friends. But how do you get friends? Isn’t it a long process? No not really! As long as you have friend adder software you can do this quite easily and quite quickly. Now I’ve personally tried a few of these pieces of software when I first got really into Affiliate Marketing, I needed a whole bunch of friends fairly quickly and I didn’t want to have to deal with all the fuss and muss that you have to do when you add friends manually. I found a few that I really enjoyed quite a lot and most of them were free. The ones that weren’t free, paid off in just a few days because I received thousands of friend requests and that was thousands of people visiting my affiliate sites, and hundreds of conversion sales, so it was worth it.

Here’s how a Myspace Friend Adder program works. Once you download and install the software you will have to go through a sort of “set up” you should only have to do this once, per account. The program will ask you thing’s like; Myspace ID (123456789), Myspace password, etc. Now don’t be scared about entering in your password. As long as the software is well-known and not some chintzy knock off, you can trust that your password is secure!

Once you get your account set up you should have a few options to pick from including demographics of your potential friends such as location, age, sex, as well as an option for the “Why I’m Here” section. This will allow you to choose people that are on Myspace for friends, dating, networking, etc. Sometimes there is also a section that allows you to search for specific keywords through Google. For example, say your business you’re trying to promote is about Cars. Then, you can go into the program where the Google option is and do a search for cars.

Let’s say I’m looking for Males located in USA, that are 25-35 years old, they are on Myspace for networking, and they have something about cars on their profile. Then you can find those exact people down to the very last detail. It’s quite a piece of software. And sometimes when used wrong it can also get you into trouble so make sure you follow directions! If it says only send 100 (recommended) friends per day, then only do 100 requests. You can also do other things besides friend ads/requests such as automatically post comments html or text, write PMs, and send bulletins. So, if you’re looking to use your time efficiently and get a lot of friends, the friends you truly DO want, then Myspace Friend Adders are the best way to go!

If you would like to find more Myspace friend Adders like the one I mentioned above, please look online. I hope you find what your looking for!

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