How To Make Friends in London – Top 3 Places to Meet New People

With so many things to do in London, it’s still amazing that it can be hard to meet new people.  That’s because finding the places where new people gather takes a little research.  The good news is that the internet, which is often the reason people stay apart, also offers a marvellous way to find social gatherings.
There are enough places to explore that makes London a great place to meet people and make new friends.  Of the many places to go, here are the top 3 in terms of meeting new people while having a great time.

Social Club

If you are looking to get away from dating apps and just making friends, a great way to do so is by joining a social club. Social clubs are popping up all over London and you can find one that offers like-minded people who are also looking for friendship.  The good news is that you can use your social media accounts to find locations of where to meet and stay in touch with your new friends.
Thinkingbob offers a great way to meet new people as they run interesting and fun socials all over London.  You can engage in street games, murder mystery nights, pub quiz events, and so much more. Plus, you can stay in touch with everyone and learn about new events through the site.

The Intellectual London Loo Crawl

There is nothing new about pub crawls as they are a great way to visit new clubs.  However, many people are not as interested in loading up on alcohol which can be expensive after just a few places.  For those who are more interested in expanding their mind and not expending their wallet, there is a great loo crawl that starts with intellectual conversation.
This intellectual loo crawl provides a great way to meet new people and engage them with your wits.  Plus, instead of hitting pubs, you get to visit some of the more important loos in London that is both interesting and practical when you think about it.  The Loo Tours offer what they call the Porcelain Pub Prowl on the last Wednesday of each month that visits some of the most interesting loos in the region.

Comedy Shop

If you have a desire to entertain through your own comedic skills, then an improv comedy workshop is the answer. The workshop will teach you the basics of performing skits on the fly, how to handle hecklers, and most importantly meet new people who you can work with on the stage. You can enjoy hours of fun dong improv comedy bits while interacting with those who have the same interest.
Hoopla is one of the best improv comedy workshops and they hold regular classes at places like the Brick Lane and The Rag Factory. Just sign up and you’ll be ready to meet new people.
All it takes is a little time from your schedule and you can meet new people in a fun, exciting atmosphere which makes the experience even more enjoyable.