Making Pro Quality Boxing Punch Bag Filler

Making Pro Quality Boxing Punch Bag Filler

The Internet is filled with information about boxing punch bags, and all of it is at your fingertips if you perform a simple search on Google. The most popular question is unquestionably how to fill a boxing punch bag.

Several schools of thought exist on this topic. Some feel that water is the best filler, or sand — the ever popular choice — or even grass.

The first two choices will work well, but depending on the bag you’re using, what the shell is crafted from, and the weight of your bag. Filling a regular boxing punch bag with water is not a good idea unless you love mopping.

Grass is the one choice here we can rule out entirely. It doesn’t matter what kind of bag you’re filling — using grass will create an overly soft bag that won’t build strength or endurance at all, but will start to smell shortly.

Do consider that when it comes time to fill your boxing punch bag, you’d be best served by purchasing an empty shell from the store rather than letting your aunt sew some kind of material for you.

Even if you’re looking for something more budget conscious, in the end, your sister’s sewed boxing punch bag will end up costing you more money and time than if you’d have purchased one in the first place. The consistency of the bag will be all wrong.

So what can someone do that doesn’t want to buy a full priced boxing punch bag? Never buy a sack and go with it. Sacks are not built to take the kind of pain you’re going to be dealing on it day in and day out.

Do yourself a favor and purchase a boxing punch bag with no fill and avoid a load of problems down the road. The good part to buying an empty shell is that boxing punch bags with no fill are quite cheap, since it’s the insides that make the difference between a TKO or Aries and an Everlast.

There are numerous materials with which you can fill a boxing punch bag. Rather than picking just one, the best, time proven method is to use several different materials and combine them for a nice mixture for your bag.

Materials with which you can fill your boxing punch bag include:

* Anything cotton

* Cloth or yarn made from wool

* Plain old air

* A mattress’ foam

* Liquid, such as water

* Used and unwanted clothing

* Saw dust or shreddings

* Any kind of feathers, such as those from pillows

* Rice that is dry

* Any kind of sand

* Material used for packing, such as styrofoam

* Tightly packed and rolled garbage bags

* Rubber of any type including shredded tires

Here’s what the boxing clubs do — something no one will probably tell you, even if you ask for an honest answer. Here is the formula.

Be sure to pack your boxing punch bag tight with cloth until there is no looseness remaining. Be careful here because if any looseness remains, your bag will be too soft and it will become deformed by punches.

What do you do to combat this?

Simply pour fine sand into the bottom of your bag to keep your boxing punch bag weighted and of the proper shape. Line the outer wall of your bag with cloth, sleeping bags or even army sacks if you have them.

Finally, pack in that core with rubber and feathers — shredded tires work well too to achieve good consistency.

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