Man-Woman Relationships: Can They Offer What God And The Ashram Can?

Guy-Girl Relationships: Can They Supply What God And The Ashram Can?

Guy-Girl Relationships: Can They Supply What the Classic Spiritual Path Can?
by LiYana Silver

Man-girl relationships are typically deemed to be immediately opposed from spiritual path. Typically, by choosing to get into a guy-lady partnership, you’d also be picking the path of a residence-holder and therefore entangle yourself in the issues of the body, like relationships, intercourse and shared domestic existence. Or you could decide on rather the path of a spiritual seeker, trying to transcend the physique and issues of everyday lifestyle, foregoing items like intimate relationships, sex and shared the issues of existence partnership.

Now, even so, the boundaries are not so reduce and dry. We inquire the query, can guy-lady relationships (and of course same-sex relationships) actually be in and of themselves a true spiritual path?

I am sitting in a filming studio in Boulder, Colorado, receiving ready to be interviewed on the Stuart Davis Display, “Sex, God, Rock n’ Roll.” I will be talking about Partnership and Intercourse as Spiritual Path can a romantic relationship truly offer you what an ashram does? It’s going to be a great one particular.

In a pre-interview electronic mail, Stuart emailed me the following queries: Partnership as Spiritual Path: Can a connection actually do what an ashram does can a relationship really do what a instructor-pupil relationship does? In what techniques can relationship do what lineage, local community, etc, does? In what methods do we use spiritual communities or teachers to “steer clear of” deeper engagement and partnership with our partners?

There’s no A single Proper Way. This is a distinctive notion in a world that functions as though there is quite considerably A single Appropriate Way. Our world loves the “either/or,” “black/white,” “great/poor” paradigm our cultures increase arms close to who are the picked folks, who’s acquiring into God’s kingdom, which diet program is the right diet regime, is a homosexual marriage nonetheless a marriage?

Romantic relationship can totally do what the ashram does. It just tends to do it in a type of technicolor thriller, comedie noire, three-D dramatique way. In the part, Sexuality AS Spirituality, on my internet site, I communicate more to how (and why) we can use our sex, intimacy and relationships as a spiritual path, rather than a divergence from spiritual path.

The ashram asks of individuals who enter to supplicate, to prostrate by yourself physically, emotionally and mentally at the feet of a master. It asks of you to give more than of by yourself in order to gain insight and maturity, to strip away illusion and delusion, to awaken. If you have a partner who has a fundamental grasp of the foundational components of strong relating (self awareness, communication, honesty, vulnerability and integrity), and you have a companion you can believe in, your companion (or partners) gets instructor, sensei and master – as well as and student.

The ashram offers you practice and challenges to rise to. Receiving up to meditate at four:00am in a cold zendo with aching knees and back, regardless of whether or not you feel like it, is a whole lot like acquiring up to breast-feed an infant or have a tendency to your lover’s food poisoning, no matter whether or not you truly feel like it. Cleansing the meditation halls is a lot like cleansing the bedroom, sweeping away the dust and clutter to permit seekers to once again tomorrow, cost-free of too considerably distraction, lay themselves at the feet of intimacy and union.

The ashram delivers you a physical and spiritual container, within which to examine who you are: Who are you in the glorious, open instances as effectively as during the challenging times? Come rain or shine, the ashram demands of you to do your practices. It truly is one factor to be a excellent communicator and a loving open getting when the sun is shining in our connection, but can we hold our hearts open and vulnerable in the midst of a agonizing, confronting storm when the shit hits the fan and it gets tough and scary? The cultivation of discipline, no matter whether done in the ashram or in the relationship, is useful simply because of what it trains us for.

My rather irreverent assertion that connection can be a vessel for development, discovery and communion with the Divine, as the ashram can also be, comes from my encounter with Vedic Tantra. Vedic Tantrism offers that there is practically nothing to transcend the Divine is not out there or over there, separate from you you are the Divine. The Divine is possessing a human experience by way of you. There is no in which you could go, absolutely nothing you could do to escape the Divine. Becoming human is not a fallen condition. There is not a location of perfection we fell from and can claw, pray or self-flagellate our way back to. Vedic Tantra is inclusive, supplying a way to see our shadows not as deviance from the Divine, but for even more signifies of integration and experience of the complete spectrum of the Divine. There is no knowledge that doesn’t offer you you, bundled within of it, the opportunity to open to God. Connection, when done with the intention and heart of a spiritual seeker, is an honorable spiritual path.

Lineages, like pilgrimages to ashrams, offer you the stunning construction of effectively-trodden spiritual paths, but do not automatically have created in to them the elasticity to account for human and cultural advancement. Usually in attempting to transcend our humanity – our visceral, earth-bound bodies with their plethora of racing ideas, storms of feelings and abounding sexual energies – is an excuse to push away life like a mirage, and can drive us even additional from a union with the Divine. We have been taught, no matter whether by means of Eastern, Judeo-Christain or via Puritanical traditions, to deny the physique, kill the ego, minimize out elements of ourselves and ascend above our messy humanity in purchase to commune with the Divine. But these identical sought-after spiritual experiences are equally as available through the body, ideas, feelings and ego through an integration and knowing of our humanity. Rather than pretending our shadows aren’t there or can be exorcised, we can embrace, include and integrate them.

When you decide on existence (and connection) as spiritual path and pick to know and engage (rather than deny) every single part of your being, the conversation with the Divine then transpires appropriate right here, appropriate now, not limited to churches, synagogues and ashrams. There is no spot where God is not, no spot that is not holy each and every minute gets one particular the place union is obtainable. If you pick relationships, you decide on to engage. Connection is the highest-stakes, highest-reward spiritual game I know.

LiYana Silver, creatrix of ReDefining Monogamy, functions with couples and ladies to step out of agonizing romantic relationship ruts into extraordinary, satisfying co-developed partnerships – coloring each in and outdoors the lines of standard monogamy. LiYana is a instructor, counselor, speaker and author she leads workshop intensives and retreats and works in individualized sessions. She authors and maintains her web site, ReDefining Monogamy, a rich on the web mecca for those hunting not to settle, but seeking for option, clear, cutting-edge, (reverently irreverent!) details, resources and data items.

LiYana Silver, creatrix of, works with couples and women to phase out of agonizing relationship ruts into extraordinary, satisfying co-developed partnerships – coloring both in and outdoors the lines of standard monogamy. LiYana is a teacher, counselor, speaker and author.