Why Marriage Fails And How To Salvage A Troubled Marriage Or Relationship

Marriage is an institution where two people who have decided to live together as one, ostensibly under the same roof and for better or for worse.  Sometimes, things go awry and they may find themselves in a situation whereby they need amends or break up.  In this article, I will be discussing profound reasons why marriage fails and how to salvage a troubled marriage or relationship.

Bonding and interests between couples or two people who are courting or are in some kind of relationship could wane over time and disintegrate into chaos or breakdown due to internal or external factors which I will delve into within the course of this article.

It is imperative that if you find yourself embroiled in a rather unpleasant relationship or marriage, that you seek professional help before things go worse or degenerate further into irreconcilable differences and eventual breakup or divorce.


What Went Wrong And Where Did It Go Wrong?

Take a look back to identify what has changed since when you first met and formed a relationship and things were going going on well between the two.

Have you or your partner going through some emotional issues or suffering from life’s inevitable challenges like bereavement, breakdowns, trauma, financial difficulties, illness, stress, low self-esteem, medical issues, disappointment, betrayal, etc.?

Once you’ve been able to identify what the problem is, you will then be able to move on from there towards working out the solution(s) to your problems.


Communication In A Marriage Or Relationship | The Upside Downs

More often than not, you will find out that communication … effective communication plays a pivotal role in any relationship without which a relationship will struggle to succeed.

Are you the introvert or extrovert type of person?  Do you carefully choose your words or think after talking?  Do you easily find words to express yourself or your feelings in a rather subtle manner without provoking the other person?  Are you the type who is able to control their emotions, anger, and frustrations?

Whatever your nature, good communication should be your building blocks, an art that you must mastered in all areas of your life.


Sex And Marriage | Sex And Relationship

Does sex matter in a relationship or marriage?  Absolutely, unless there are limiting conditions such as illness, disease, medical conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction, or Old Age.

Romance, foreplay and love making: it is not a surprise to learn that so many relationships and marriages fail due to issues bordering on sex and infidelity especially when one partner is not sexually active, having a low sex libido, or is just hopelessly romantic.

When someone is hopelessly romantic, you will find out they are not a good love making partner because of lack of creativity in the bedroom.  All they care to do is aptly described as “aim and shoot”.  Just bang bang bang … And done within minutes leaving their partner enraged, unfulfilled sexually, and often with the temptation of seeking pleasures outside of the relationship.

Love making is an art which needs to be learned and mastered.


How To Make Marriage Work | Ways To Make Relationship Work?

Be accommodating

Good listening

Be caring

Be selfless not selfish

Let go of things, let your sense of maturity and understanding prevails in all matters

Don’t resort to argument

Be productive (get your work and finance in order)

Lead a good active sex life

Seek professional help when necessary.

If after taken all these steps, you still not find succour, peace and happiness that you craved for, you may as well consider quitting a relationship that isn’t working for you.  Remember, however hard it may seem, you will be better off on your own and move on with your life.


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