Men’s Engagement Rings – Give Your Man A Reminder Of Your Love

Men’s Engagement Rings – Give Your Man A Reminder Of Your Love

Men’s engagement rings are tokens of an impending commitment. It is a declaration of the love a couple shares. These rings are simple yet meaningful reminder of a woman’s love to a man and there is the intention on both the couple to share that love together for the rest of their lives. Men’s engagement rings are perfect gifts to show a woman’s feeling and to symbolize their commitment to each other.

Women have always been the one proposed to and not the men, so engagement rings are popular as for women only. But, this doesn’t mean that proposal is exclusive to men, women have this option also. Many are still unaware that there are engagement rings for men, even though it has been in existence for decades now.

The history about men wearing engagement ring was traced. Although as to what period men started wearing wedding rings is still undetermined, there had been many number of educated guesses.

During World War II, men began wearing engagement rings. They wore simple rings as a reminder and symbol that their wives or fiance is waiting for their safe return home. They spent years away from each other, so men need a reminder of their loved ones.

Men’s engagement rings, like that of women’s, are worn on the third finger. In America, both men and women wear their engagement rings on the third finger of their left hand. According to historians, wearing of the ring on the third finger of the left hand had been a custom for the Romans. Romans believed that there had a vein on the third finger of the left hand, called the vein amoris, that linked directly to the heart.

Men’s engagement rings are not as fancy as women’s engagement rings. They are mostly simple platinum or gold bands with a little embellishment. These rings are simple and subtle.

The most popular choice for engagement rings is gold. It can normally be resized in the future by a local jeweler which is one major advantage of a gold engagement ring. But wave or woven pattern or engraving, and gold ring with ribbed edges are hard to resize without affecting the pattern of the ring.

There are engagement rings for men that are two-tone. These are made by combining one or two types of metal. For example, white gold men’s engagement rings inlaid with yellow gold. Sometimes silver men’s engagement rings have yellow gold inlays.

Men’s engagement rings with gemstones are also available. There are men’s engagement rings with diamonds. They are either set into the band or set within the center of the ring itself. The diamonds in men’s engagement rings are not set at the center. Setting the stones into the band makes them less prone to damages and is practical for strenuous activities.

Textured rings with elaborate engravings that form lattices or other patterns along the surface of the ring are also popular. Another popular choice for men’s engagement rings is titanium. This is because the metal itself can be brilliant shades of blue, purple, and other colors. There is also the Mokume gane engagement ring, which has an intricate pattern within the band that is made of different metal alloys.

Men’s engagement rings have greater weight than women’s but they are not as elaborated. So the price of men’s engagement rings is almost the same as that of women’s. Men’s engagement ring is worn on the wedding ring finger until the wedding day when it is transferred to the right hand or to another finger. It can also be worn together with the wedding ring.

It is fine for some men to wear engagement ring, but not for some. Make sure that he likes having one before proposing and giving your man an engagement ring. Also consult the family members first especially the conservative ones. They may assume that the wedding has already taken place, because the man is wearing the ring. gives you a wide variety of men’s engagement rings to suit your taste and budget. Finest quality metals and gemstones have been used to carefully craft men’s engagement rings. Give and propose to your man with one of men’s engagement rings you had chosen.

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