Miss World: Crowns and Scandals over Time


Miss World 2010 is seen to be the oldest international beauty pageant among greatest beauty contests Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss International. In 59-year history of the Miss World pageant, besides great contributions like in charity activities, beauty queens were depraved in scandals of nude photo shoot, drug use, sex. After being crowned Miss World, beauty delegates became well-known and got much attention from press and media about their activities, even personal life. Let’s have a review at Miss World contestants with controversies and scandals during 59 editions.


Marjorie Wallace from United States was crowned Miss World 1973. Then, Wallace had to return her crown because of being accused of dating too many different-class men. Marjorie was dethroned after only 104 days crowned with the reason “not to complete the mission of a Miss”. The 1st runner-up undertook the mission of Marjorie Wallace.


Marjorie Wallace- Miss World 1973


Lesley Langley from England won Miss World 1965. The British beauty followed up the previous victory of Miss World 1654. However, the rumors that Lesley Langley was done a nude photo shoot made her crown meaningless.


Lesley Langley- Miss World 1965


Jennifer Josephine Hosten, Miss Grenada was crowned Miss World 1970. The controversies of the religion issue of the contest offered unfair results for contestants. Two most brilliant faces were Miss Sweden, Maj Christel Johansson and Miss Grenada- Jennifer Josephine Hosten. Jennifer Josephine Hosten received just 4 out of 9 polls from the consulting board; however, she won the title. Her victory left lots of debates.


Jennifer Josephine Hosten- Miss World 1970


Helen Elizabeth Morgan became Miss World 1974. Before that, she won the 1st runner-up title of Miss Universe. She was the 2nd delegate from Wales the 4nd delegate from Great Britain to be crowned Miss World. Nevertheless, 4 days later, she was dethroned due to having a baby.


Helen Elizabeth Morgan- Miss World 1974


Mary Ann Catrin Stavin from Sweden was crowned Miss World 1977. Unfortunately, she was drunk before appearing on stage at the final night. It was reported that Mary Ann Catrin Stavin brought a bottle of whiskey on the Theatre Royal Albert Hall (London, England).


Mary Ann Catrin Stavin – Miss World 1977


Gabriella Brum was crowned Miss World 1980. Only one day after the finale night, she returned the crown for the reason: her boyfriend disagreed. However, in fact, Gabriella Brum was dethroned due to posing nude for a magazines.


Gabriella Brum – Miss World 1980


Ulla Weigerstorfer- Miss World 1987 (middle) and two runner-ups. She lost the crown due to her some nude photos post by her boyfriend.


Ulla Weigerstorfer – Miss World 1987


Diana Hayden won Miss World 1997. However, it was doubtful that she won the title thanks to her relationship with a jury member despite her admirable beauty and excellent performances during the contest.


Diana Hayden – Miss World 1997




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