Money Saving Motoring Tips

Money Saving Motoring Tips

Factors like petrol price rises and higher insurance premiums, have made motoring very expensive indeed. There are ways to that you can make some big savings, though. Here I have put together some tips that will benefit you car and your wallet.

1. Service your car regularly. This can have a tremendous effect on your fuel efficiency. In fact, a poor tuned vehicle can burn as much as 30% more petrol.

2. Avoid running the engine unnecessarily. Modern cars don’t need to be started up in the morning in order to warm them up. Get in, turn it on, and go. Try not to idle the engine while waiting for some one that you are picking up.

3. Knocking 20mph off your speed can help you save up to 15% more petrol. That’s a nice saving! Also, switch to cruise control when you can. This helps you maintain a steady speed. Avoid sudden and extreme accelerations. This can burn lots of fuel needlessly.

4. Keeping your car tyres at the correct pressures can help make good fuel saving. Be sure to get them balanced and aligned also, as this can not only save petrol but make your vehicle handle better.

5. If you have a number of errends to run in your vehicle, try and doing them all in one trip, and if you can try and avoid going out at peak traffic times. Doing this will ensure that your car engine isn’t idleing uneccessarily.

6. Car sharing is another great way to save fuel especially when taking the kids to and from school and sporting events. Perhaps you can offer to take your kid’s friend home this week and his parents can return the favour next week. Or maybe share the trip to work? We’re living in a time where people live farther from work than ever before. With the price of petrol car sharing makes more sense than ever.

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