MONO MUSIC a professional music company.

MONO MUSIC a skilled music company.

Develop your very own unique song/music that reflects you or your feelings and passion and get exposure these days. We hold complicated tetchy processes behind the curtain and ensure that your encounter is basic, enjoyable and satisfactory.

We have the platform with capabilities, numerous musician-manufactured songs, leading grade hit music, progressive lyrics, and a lot of of services in one spot. We provide useful premium solutions (hey, we need to make income also), but our company model makes it possible for us to offer total packages to every person .
Our work setting is one of the most unique spots on the planet. The Mono Music offices in Dubai and India are house to a varied group of professionals who deliver passion, skill and innovation to ensure we supply a services that folks love to use. We maintain our group fueled on snacks and coffee, and stimulate their creative juices with ongoing challenges. Want to be a part of it?

While considering about music business to be the basis of an additional start-up idea, the enjoyable loving duo rapidly found that creating their personal song/music was challenging, aggravating and really expensive. It was this agonizing knowledge that led them to a light bulb moment – develop a platform that empowered anyone to develop their own music in accordance to them and their vision. In 2013, Mono Music was born, forever modifying the way individuals create their industry presence. With above 1 million end users across different countries, any person who desires has total freedom to develop their personal gorgeous music. Questioning why it truly is price range pleasant? Inquire anybody from our group and they will say, “Which is the way the music/song was meant to be.”

Our powerful crew tends to make it straightforward for everyone to get their very own song with a gorgeous, specialist and common media presence in the sector. No creative limits- just complete freedom to express oneself and control your complete song creation.

In 2013, Mono Music was born, permanently modifying the way men and women create their industry presence. With more than 1 million end users across diverse countries, any individual who would like has complete freedom to create their very own gorgeous music. Questioning why it really is spending budget pleasant? Request any individual from our staff and they’ll say, “That is the way the music/song was meant to be.”