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color TV industry has officially entered the Moore era. The global TV industry is time to bid farewell to CRT TVs, of course, to say goodbye to not only technology, but also old and slow way of business operations around the CRT technology to determine the global industry structure, China’s color TV industry and the government should plan for the global industry, changes in self- with industry in the future global position.

Moore TV era is the world’s TV industry, the era of fear, because, so far which will become the mainstream display no conclusion, various display alternatives are lined up waiting for the market acceptance the world’s leading TV companies are using various ways affect the upstream and downstream businesses and consumers to make their way into show business star. Are now in the game of global TV business, this game is the surface between the large multinational corporations to start, but the actual act of state has also been involved, such as the display technology products, patents, South Korea and Japan has been started in the trade and legal aspects of intervention.

The arrival of the TV era that will be a room more than a machine age, which means that the demand for space for more great TV, CRT TV era is leading the way with the family unit time, and the new TV era will be more color TV and more scattered in the different family living space, you can expect in future consumer electronics products, large family TV will be the largest number of electronic products, therefore, can not use CRT era thinking needs to look at flat-panel TVs, so , color TV industry, not only is not a sunset industry, but a just emerging out of industry grade ore, industrial space for large hard to imagine.

In addition, the color TV in the technology and risk capital has entered an era of highly intensive, a huge amount of R & D investment can not fully guarantee that the market competitiveness of key components, as alternatives to speed up the rate of emergence, the emergence of alternatives front investment to older products do not earn back the time had died, plasma display is waiting for such a fate, and the organic display market prospects are so appears to have eclipsed the LCD screen, color TV giant is planning an international high prices of organic display patents are only, and then lock them into the box, to defer to the market after several years, so their goal is to artificially slow down the pace of technological progress, to safely recover their old products in The upfront investment, heart of the care and thought we saw unprecedented brutal industry competition.

This new era, the arrival of new competition situation is a test of China, not only the test of China’s color TV enterprises, because the new TV show in the way of R & D investment, our business is difficult for the job, Government industrial policy should be made to the planning, government, private research institutions and enterprises should form a closer linkage and flexible mechanism to address our key technological breakthroughs in products, color TV technology, faster and faster updates, if we do not track and there are plans to go beyond the existing business, our TV industry will be isolated in the new TV era, which is detrimental to the security industry. The key technology because we do not, then we in the global TV industry chain will play an upstream role of distributor of display, such distribution of profits can be imagined how small.

Chinese TV from a global perspective
advantage is the advantage of lower manufacturing costs, but because of TV display technology, and other technology changes very fast, the key components of the price difference to the state every week, and we rely on a large number of production orders to wait for the arrival of the production model is clearly inappropriate, because such a business risk too much, we only have small steps run along and that is to take small-batch production mode quickly, this mode will restrict Chinese companies the advantages of low production costs, That is our size advantage will be difficult to play, the Chinese color TV enterprises are now in a tiny flat-panel TV sales on the market for flat panel TV of course there are reasons to accept the process in which the other more important reason is to display the price quickly lower expectations of care, however, when the market completely after the transition to flat-panel TVs, which display frequent price changes, the factors that will limit the pace of development of Chinese enterprises.

Key components in addition to flat-panel TV prices have dropped because, the China factor price changes into the color TV industry should also be within the scope of concern. Color TV production base for multinational companies in China, which means that Chinese and foreign enterprises in the new flat panel color TV color TV manufacturing costs will further narrow the gap or no gap will become, then the price of China’s own brand of color television will be greatly reduced international competitiveness. China’s color TV industry will face competition for survival is indeed what kind of worrying.

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