Motoring Offences Can Be Challenged

Motoring Offences Can Be Challenged

The law is never straightforward. It’s complex and almost unfathomable to the layman, which is why people use solicitors. Given that law is a very technical area, with plenty of room for manoeuvre and challenges, it’s surprising just how many people accept motoring offences. No question, no challenges, just a grim acceptance of three more points and one step closer to a driving ban.

It doesn’t have to work this way. Motoring solicitors can help drivers explore ways of challenging an intention to prosecute, because these notices must follow very strict procedures. Otherwise, they are invalid. These procedures govern how the motoring offences were determined in the first place, and then the administration of the paperwork. Failure to stick to protocol leaves grounds for a legal challenge. Motoring solicitors know this area of the law inside out. They can spot any flaw or weakness in the case and turn it to the motorist’s advantage. Too many drivers don’t realise this and end up with points and fines that they could have avoided.

And this can have serious ramifications. A driving ban is a disaster for pretty much anyone. It could even cost a person their job. Even more galling to think that this could happen based on unsound evidence. Of course there is a cost involved in hiring a solicitor, but this is a small price to pay if it keeps a driver on the road and in employment.

So anyone who receives the dreaded letter in the post informing them of their speeding offence should consult with a solicitor first to see what can potentially be done to challenge. There are more technicalities than most people realise which can be used as grounds for challenging the alleged offence. It’s better to explore what can be done than end up with an outright driving ban.

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