Motoring offences – the police don’t always get it right

Motoring offences – the police don’t always get it right

The good news for motorists is that not all driving offences are as open and shut as they first appear. The humble motorist doesn’t have to sit and take it when prosecutions seem unfair.

The law is very strict about how these types of offences are recorded and administrated. The police must follow certain guidelines in order to secure a conviction. They can only use speed guns in certain situations for example. They must test the equipment they use regularly to ensure it is working accurately. Failure to follow these procedures leaves valid grounds for challenging the alleged offence. The motorist can’t possibly know all these rules and guidelines, but motoring lawyers do.

Any driver feeling aggrieved by the prospect of another three points should consider hiring a lawyer to fight their case. Of course, this is going to cost extra, but if the solicitor can help prevent a driving ban, then its money well spent. After all, a driving ban can turn someone’s life upside down, resulting in family problems and loss of income.

No one is suggesting for one minute that speeding doesn’t matter and that the police are too heavy handed. Just that sometimes they don’t always get it right. And if that unsound conviction takes a driver to the dreaded twelve points mark, then it’s best to appeal to see what can be done.

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