Music Celebrity Gossip

Music Celebrity Gossip

Even if every thing right here is total bunk, we cannot preserve our eyes off of the veritable train wreck that our favorite celebrities treat us to on a day-to-day basis. So, we scoured the rumor mills and gossip columns to carry to you the most recent in who is undertaking what, who is performing who, who is going to jail and every little thing in among. So sit back, grab your box of bon bons and appreciate the most current from the music celebrity rumor mills.

Busta Rhymes, are you acquiring a honest shot? reviews that he was stopped by police and admitted to getting a shot of Hennessy prior to hopping behind the wheel of his Denali. The arrest report that TMZ obtained stated that Rhymes failed the sobriety check, but only blew a .067 later on at the police station, which is below the legal restrict of .08. He was reportedly charged with operating a motor motor vehicle although intoxicated and working a motor vehicle whilst impaired.

Even although Paris Hilton genuinely isn’t a lot of a music celebrity, she produced the celebrity gossip hit record by getting sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving with a suspended license. She had the nerve to display up to court 20 minutes late powdering her nose. The judge place the clueless blonde in her place by sending her to the clinker.

Here is some stuff from the world in accordance to

Pete Wentz reportedly left a small present for Marilyn Manson at the rehearsal area that they share – a vial of his blood. What the?

It appears that American Idol sweetheart, Kelly Clarkson is slipping in the ranks. Her comeback isn’t going so wonderful while fellow Idol veteran, Carrie Underwood in consistently outperforming Kelly on web download charts.

A great deal of hoo ha for a lip synched performance. Britney Spears (a.k.a. the rehab boomerang queen) just lately “carried out” at the Property of Blues in Downtown Disney, Anaheim. And we use the word “execute” loosely. The signal outside stated: NO cell phones, NO cameras, NO video. Hmmm, did not say anyplace on there “NO Reside SINGING!”

Ok, am I like the only one particular who says Ample ABOUT BRITNEY?!!! She just isn’t that fascinating.

The longest retirement in music historical past. Barbara Streisand, in perpetual “retire” mode, will be touring in Europe. And then that is the very final 1 – again!

More American Idol dish. Jessica Sierra who was a former AI prime ten finalist, apparently hit a guy with a glass, had cocaine on her individual and, now this is fascinating, is being charged with “the introduction of contraband into a detention facility.” Excellent grief! We never want to go there!

Appears like Courtney Enjoy is planning on offering her late husband’s factors. What much better way to memorialize her hubby? She strategies to pair up with Christie’s auction to place Kurt Cobain’s stuff up for sale. She ideas to “make a whole lot of income and give a bunch of it to charity.” Uh, Ok.

Ah, Boy George, did you genuinely want to harm him? Rumor has it that Boy George hired an escort, grabbed the bad guy and chained him to a wall. He handcuffed the bad tiny escort guy to the bed and made a box of BDSM whips and sex toys, telling the terrified escort man, “Now you will get what you deserve.” No one died, escort man got away and Boy George was charged with assault and false imprisonment. The ’80s had been a challenging time. is dishing it massive time! It appears that Paula Abdul doesn’t do so nicely when you put her on national Tv with no a script. Appears she gave a bizarre functionality on QVC where she was promoting her jewelry line. Odd, strange girl, cute as a bug, even though, and usually would seem so sweet on Idol – is that scripted??? Not her 1st bizarre public unscripted appearance, though.

Send that lady to driver’s ed! TMZ is reporting that they have recently acquired a lawsuit that was filed by the husband of the woman who was killed in a auto accident that concerned former pop princess Brandy. This is her second lawsuit on that accident. The suit claims that Brandy was traveling as well quickly for conditions, driving recklessly and carelessly and following too closely. The suit is for an “undisclosed volume,” but the woman’s parents are suing Brandy for $ 50 million. If this is any indication of what the husband is looking for, that woman needs to hire a chauffeur or keep off of the street.

Nicely, this is undoubtedly a “hmmmm” moment and conjures up some interesting (if not disturbing) mental photographs. has some juicy data. It would seem that passionate sister kissing James Haven, brother to multiple foreign little ones adopting, blood vial wearing Angelina Jolie, is seeing Rebecca St. James. Now, if you are not moving in “people” circles you may possibly not realize that St. James is a Christian pop singer. You also may possibly not understand that she is a large advocate for saving your self right up until marriage and abstinence. Nicely, properly, what is ol’ Jimmy pondering about that? Perhaps Angie will adopt her and then it will be Okay.

Now, we want to leave you with this warm, fuzzy mother and son moment.

TMZ says that Rush &amp Malloy says that Usher is preparing to fire his personal mom, the woman who GAVE HIM Daily life, raised him and has been his manager from the really start off. They reportedly do not get along, but it is explained that Usher’s stylist and (shock) fiance, Tameka Foster is egging it on. Usher’s rep is denying the rumor, but let us face it, this would seem like it takes place more than we’d care to admit.

There is an limitless stream of gossip flowing out of the lives of everybody, it truly is just that the renowned peeople’s are the greatest!

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