Old School Friends and Social Networking

Old School Friends and Social Networking

Do you have school friends with whom you have lost contact? Perhaps after school you went different directions and it has been a few years so now you would like to find that old friend an relive a few of the old times or just check up on the friend. Here is how to Find Your Old School Friends.

One way that is working for many people is social networking. Through web sites like Facebook and MySpace, old friends are meeting up and re-establishing relationships.

Many of the social networking sites allow you to search for friends by school and by the year they graduated. You can search for your old high school or college. Once you have found the probable match, you send a friend request and if the old friend accepts the request, then you are able to reconnect.

In order to use these network sites, you must first have an account on the site. It is easy to set up the account and you can choose how much information you want to share. Social networking was first used by the younger crowd, but not it seems the over fifties have started a take over. It is very likely that at least a few of your old school friends are now on one of the network.

Another advantage of the networks is that often after you find one friend, you will find many more. The sites allow you to see who your friend’s friends are and send friend requests to them.

If you do not find your particular friend in this way, then many of the sites allow you to search by name for your friend. This is particularly useful if your friend has just signed up for an account but not added other information. It is helpful if your friend has added a photograph, but this may not always be the case. You may just have to weed out the people that you know are not your friend.

If you end up with three or four people with the name that may be the name of your friend, then send a friend request to all of them. If they do not end up being the friend, you can always delete them from your friend list.

Another way to find friends is to look on the social networking sites for parents or siblings of the friend. Often once you have become friends, you will have access to e-mail addresses or phone numbers. Then it is a simple matter to send an e-mail or make a phone call to find contact information.

If you are from a small town, there are often fan clubs of the town. Join one of the fan clubs and you may be able to contact people that can steer you in the right direction to find that old friend.

Social networking is all about bringing people together. Why not use this very powerful tool so that you can find old school friends? Who knows? Perhaps you will meet up again with an old high school flame and start a budding new romance.

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