Pre Dating ? And Wedding ? Advice!


Dating is one of the coolest things that people witness in their lives. However there is a difference of perception between how men and women think about first dates. Men are always waiting for a possibility for something to happen as soon as possible. On the other hand women play the waiting game. They wait and observe and analyze the guy.

Girls are always in the hunt for Mr. Right and in order to select her Mr. Right, they analyze the guy on their first date. Girls wait for men to take the initiative and observe their actions. Subconsciously, women make sure that do not portray too much of themselves in front of men.

In order to impress women on their first dates, men need to mix everything in the right proportion. They need to have a cool attitude, a good sense of humor and sophisticated mannerisms. Men should not reveal their past or the various dark moments that they have confronted in the past. A perfect gentleman-attitude helps in attracting women on the first dates. You should make sure that you do not sound or seem too needy or desperate. This is a big turn-off for the female sitting in front of you.

Women should try to be a good listener. On first dates, women should try to speak less and listen more. However they should participate in a conversation with full vigor and zeal. Men and women have different traits and both behave in a different way when going on first dates.

You should get the person sitting with you to think that you are a sensible person and enjoy his or her company. The first impression is the last impression and you should make sure that this impression lasts long in the person’s head.

Then (jumping ahead a bit!), if you meet the right person, here’s some tips to remember regarding wedding jitters:

The relationship between a husband and wife is one based on trust and understanding. The love that husband and wife share amongst each other is absolutely pure and beautiful. In order to enjoy a healthy and happy married life, it is important to take care of your partner’s needs and wishes.

Keeping your husband/wife happy in a marriage is an easy task for those who have a creative head on their shoulders. Gifts and presents and occasional flowers keep the marriage in the right spirits. Similarly surprises are always appreciated by people. Surprises are a great way of expressing that you care for and love your partner.

This may sound funny but gossiping with your husband/wife for hours together keeps both husband and wife cheerful and happy. There are moments when couples stay up all night talking. A romantic dinner compliments to the ambience. A little dance in your sweet home is also a healthy way to keep your wife happy.

Effective communication is also important in order to lead a happy married life. This involves a few sacrifices from your side for your partner. You ought to be a good listener and a good talker in order to keep your partner happy. Both these things are to be in a perfect proportion for effective communication.

Spending quality time with your partner is very important in a marriage. Your job may keep you busy but make sure that you take time out from your hectic schedule to be with your wife/husband and talk and laugh with him/her for a little time in the day. While it is important to spend quality time with your partner it is also important to give your partner his/her space and time. Every individual needs time and space for himself/herself. It is imperative to provide your partner with that time and space in order to enjoy a healthy relationship.

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