Principles For Winning Texting And Dating


Texting has become one of the most popular channels of communication used by humans. While most messages are be informal, especially ones for dating purpose, they have certain rules that you must follow in oder to success or fail in getting the girl you want.


In today’s fast paced world we have many different ways to keep in touch with each other. From Facebook to Twitter and from IM and texting. The world is literally right at our finger tips. Privacy is all but gone. We are losing the ability to be able to talk to each other face to face. Instead, we text each other with a special texting language (also known as L33T speak). If we can’t fit our message in 140 characters or less then it’s not important.


What does this all have to do with dating? It has a lot to do with dating and our relationships. Guys this is for you. Women want a man that is…well a man. Lets say that you met a very beautiful girl and she gave you her number to call her some time. With that sometime implying that she wants to go out with you on date.


So instead of calling her you text her a few times and ask her out through a text. That is the wrong move to do. Be a man and use your phone to call her. It will make you stand out from other guys that are to afraid to actually talk to her on the phone. It will show her that you really do want to get to know her and that are comfortable enough with yourself to talk to her.


So lesson number one when it comes to first dates is to call your date and talk to her. There will be times when it will be OK for you to leave a text though. For instance, you call her and it goes to her voicemail. A little trick that I like to do is to shot her a text telling her to call me instead of leaving a voice message.


After the first few dates and you have gotten to be comfortable with each other, then it is OK for you to text her and ask her out on more dates. Make sure that you don’t over do the texting though as you might scare her off.


A good rule of thumb ratio for texting is one to one. By that I mean that you should send her one text for every one of hers. You can send up to two but anything more than this becomes obsessive and creepy to her. Imagine a girl blowing up your phone with 100 texts a day at all times. Not cool.


Follow some these tips and you will be better able to secure a first date with the girl.


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