Reasons Women Cheats In Relationships Will Shock You

Have you been wondering why some women cheats in relationships?
Could cheating in a relationship spurred by medical conditions?
Is cheating acceptable in your culture?
Have you been cheated on in your relationship?
Have you ever wondered why your partner cheated on you? If yes, then read on.

In this article, you will learn about myriad, probably weird and inexplicable reasons why women cheats in relationships, I mean for the vast majority of women who had or is cheating in their relationships.  I think I should be quick to point out that cheating isn’t confined to one race, it is a pattern that is seen across all boundaries and regions.  It will interest you to learn that animals also cheats but their own reasons are best kept to them.

Engaging in extra-marital affairs or seeing more than one partner at any one time while in a relationship, dating someone, or in a courtship is frown upon in many cultures and the act is popularly known as cheating.  Cheating could be detrimental in a relationship and the effect could take dangerous turns as often is the case when the cheated partner couldn’t have the spirit to let go of the problem and move on with their lives.

Let’s take the reasons one by one and in no particular order.  Hold your breath until I have asked you that you can leave your comments below.

Reasons Why Women Cheats In Relationships Will Shock You

Lust for Younger and Older Lovers

It is commonplace to see some women cheating on their partners by engaging in sexual activities with toyboys and sugardaddies.  Did I hear you said Cougars?  Oh yeah!


Unusually higher libido

Unusually higher libido is an inherent factor that could push a woman to engaging in extra-marital affairs or indulge in cheating whilst in a relationship with their partner. Often, a woman may found that she is highly sexed, I mean a woman who is having excessive sexual desire or appeal. This could become an issue especially when their partner is not so keen about sex, has lower sex libido, lower sex drive. A woman in this sort of relationship may or might want to engage and actually end up cheating on their partner in order to satisfy their sex urge.


Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is another factor which could drive a woman to cheating on their spouse. As a complete human being, a complete woman is naturally bound to have sex urge which needs to be satisfied. When this is lacking, usually on the part of their partner, then this becomes a problem and the woman may likely indulge in cheating outside of their relationship.



Lack of creative and burning passion is another reason why women cheats in relationships. As humans, we are often tired of repetitive tasks, only the machines don’t … Ha ha ha. That’s cheeky I know but it is a fact.
Your relationship could be heading for the rocks or inviting unwholesome events in your life if you lack creativity in the bedroom and thus, become a bore to your wife or girlfriend. I wouldn’t be delving into any depth here as to what you can do to enliven your relationships as it is outside of the scope of this article.


Women could become trapped in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship due to a host of other underlying factors such as forced/arranged marriage, finance, lack of confidence, etc. In this case when a woman is unhappy in their relationship, they may likely sought sexual desires and satisfaction outside whilst still keeping their home and children.


Interests do wane in relationships over time if it is not rekindle every now and then. If a woman becomes disinterested or losing passion in their relationship, they might consider having extra-marital affairs by seeking a more passionate partner.


Laziness could take many forms not necessarily work. I have found that some lazy women prefer to engage in cheating on their spouse in return of gratuities and favour.

Work influence/advances

This is commonplace in workplace where men took undue influence over their subordinates often women despite the fact that they know they are in relationships or married. As a matter of fact, women don’t have to put up with such advances as there are laws that are in place to combat such attitude and behaviour at work.

Distance relationship/loneliness

It is common to see women in a distance relationship to engage in cheating on their spouse due to loneliness and all that.


Temptation is another factor which is a driving force behind cheating spouses. Some women are easily swayed by sweet talking and as a result, they fall prey.

Peer pressure

Peer pressure is another reason why some women follow suit by indulging in cheating when they see their friends do the same. Some of these happen by way of being introduced to another man which at the end of the day becomes man friend and engage in sexual activity.


Sometimes cheating is just a habit to some women. Whether it is a good habit or not, I am unable to tell.


Going through hardship or poverty may be a reason for some women to engage in cheating to provide for their needs.


Lust Lust Lust is everywhere around us. We fantasise about other people. We have crush on them. This is all normal as humans but when the lust leads to cheating, What! No, I ain’t asking any question and am not fuming … Haven’t I said it’s normal we all fantasise about others?

Rejection/abandoned by partner

Ha ha … This is a big issue and a recipe for disaster. Did you hear me? Right! Oh yeah! When you abandon your wife or partner or girlfriend for such a long time in what could be simply terms as rejection and your steam engine appears to be losing power, yes power. Your spouse is more likely to cheat. Don’t take my words for it. Do you wanna try and see what I was saying? Obviously, I bet you wouldn’t want to leave fire on your roof while you sleep, Would you?

Cheating spouse revenge

Some women would likely cheat on their partner in a act of revenge on their cheating spouse.


Women often for lack of cue, out of silliness or foolishness engages in cheating only to regret their action later on when they become sober.

Hidden reason

Some women cheats in relationships owing to hidden reason(s) best known to them. What is hidden reason? Do you know it? Was it a reason only known to the cheating woman? Whatever a hidden reason is, please share the reason that drove you to cheat on your partner. It’s a top secret! Your partner wouldn’t know. Be anonymous! Secret is secret, that’s a promise!


You will be taking aback to learn the “Reasons Why Men Cheats In Relationships” are strange, fewer than those of women, and are almost complete opposite to what you know.  I just overheard a woman said: Oh gosh!  Men are prolific cheater.  Right!  Whether it is true or not, read my next article on Reasons Why Men Cheats In Relationships.


I would love to hear about your experience or what you think by leaving your comment below.


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