Rialto Films – pt.2

Rialto Films – pt.2

Rialto has also seen success with a number of high-profile Hollywood films and smaller festival titles, all of which have seen DVD release through Vendetta Films in New Zealand and various companies in Australia, these films include:

Conversations with my Gardener Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont Sex and Lucia Mama’s Boy Pierrepoint The Science of Sleep Love in the Time of Cholera Happy-Go-Lucky Fermat’s Room Grow Your Own Spirited Away Music Within Evangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone

Rialto’s most recent success came in the form of Young @ Heart, the most successful documentary at the New Zealand box office, which has just seen its debut on DVD. Young @ Heart personifies Rialto’s ability to acquire obscure or out-of-mainstream titles and turn them into blockbusters, something that filters through onto the DVD side of the business as well, with Young @ Heart becoming a huge DVD favourite across New Zealand.

The commitment to excellence is personified by Rialto’s release of two modern horror masterpieces [REC] and Let the Right One In. Both films were quickly picked up for Hollywood remake ([REC] has already enjoyed the Hollywood remake that is Quarantine), the two titles are extraordinarily effective horror films, one which uses straight-out horror conventions, and the other employs the eerie stillness of the landscape to produce the same effect. Both are already available on DVD across New Zealand and coming to DVD in Australia.

In the last couple of years Rialto has also established itself as the number one destination for New Zealand film. With almost a dozen New Zealand films being released theatrically throughout the country and many more with its DVD partner Vendetta Films.

Rialto’s latest theatrical release to hit $ 1 Million at the New Zealand box office is Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, which is set for DVD release in August from Vendetta Films, complimenting Rialto’s other New Zealand films released through Vendetta including Vincent Ward’s Rain of the Children, Anthony McCarten’s Show of Hands, The Devil Dared Me To, Robert Sarkies’ Scarfies and many more.

Rialto has also branched out into Television releases through Vendetta, with Back of the Y Season 3, The Lion King Season 3 and The Pretender all seeing DVD release over the last few months; Rialto and Vendetta also plan on releasing the critically acclaimed Eating Media Lunch and The Unauthorized History of New Zealand in 2009 on DVD.

For a wide range of quality Rialto Films, check out the Vendetta Films website.