Rugby League Memorabilia Affected As Karmichael Hunt Switches Codes

Rugby League Memorabilia Affected As Karmichael Hunt Switches Codes

Sport for many people is a way of life, as fans of League Rugby Football in Australia would readily testify. The memorabilia industry is massive in all sports across the world, but the Rugby League Memorabilia machinery will probably shift into overdrive this year with the much publicized transfer of Karmichael Hunt, currently of the Brisbane Broncos, to AFLs Gold Coast Football Club.

This is an historic move; this is in fact the very first time in the history of Australian Rugby that any player has moved from Rugby League to Australian Rules Football. This change of code for Hunt is an important one and if it proves to be a success, as it very likely will, this could be the event which sets off many more attempts by the AFL to recruit Rugby League players.

Broncos signed Hunt, voiced self doubts regarding his ability to be able to transfer his Rugby League skills to those needed for AFL, and still remain at top flight player; but a recent trail he undertook has done much to quell his fears. GCFCs scouts and training staff firmly believe that he will make the transition smoothly, and with a lot of hard work and dedication, relatively easily.

In terms of the memorabilia industry its very much a first for them too, and it opens up opportunities to both the Rugby League in general and the Brisbane Broncos in particular. Broncos signed Hunt, is set to complete the transfer to Gold Coast Football Club is May 2010 until when he is expected to play in Rugby Union.

Naturally, a player as talented as Karmichael Hunt will be sorely missed by the Brisbane Broncos. However, rugby fans can be somewhat cheered by the fact that as of yet, Hunt has not announced any change in his plans to continue international play with the Kangaroos.

One thing which is certain is that there will be a mad dash for any and all memorabilia which is issued to commemorate the move; signed match balls, shorts and shirts or anything else. The memorabilia specialists at are going to be especially busy, it would seem. Framed4u are sport memorabilia specialists who deal in memorabilia for soccer, boxing, cricket, NRL and naturally, Rugby League. Rugby League memorabilia is always in heavy demand, but Hunts transfer is certain to intensify this interest; fans would be well advised to order now, before supplies run out.

There will be a rush underway by fans to get their hands on Rugby memorabilia ” always popular, Rugby League memorabilia will now be selling like the proverbial hotcakes in shops and online. Rugby League fans are already among the most dedicated memorabilia collectors, avidly snapping up merchandise related to special matches, events and their favorite players. Many fans are always on the lookout for new pieces of memorabilia for their collections, with Karmichael Hunts move to the AFL being an event which is certain to spark massive interest in memorabilia.

Often in search of new memorabilia to add to their collections ” and the transfer of Karmichael Hunt to AFL is a special event indeed.

The Brisbane Broncos loss is the GCFC and the AFLs gain. While Nrl fans will certainly miss seeing Hunt in action with the Broncos, every Aussie sport fan hopes to see him continue as a player with the Kangaroos for some time to come. If you are searching for Nrl memorabilia than look no further. Find all sports memorabilia here.