Secrets of Dating Younger Women ? Part One


Here’s a little interesting fact:  when men marry for the second time the average age of the woman they marry is ten years younger.  Fully twenty percent of second marriages are with a woman that is more than twenty years younger.  Here’s another interesting tidbit – universally speaking, women are attracted to older men, with average age of the woman being four years younger than the man.  Do I have your attention?

Up until the time we turn thirty, most guys will date women that are pretty close to our own age.  But, it’s at that point we begin to realize that there is a whole world of fresh and engaging younger women.  It might feel a little odd at first.  You might feel that you don’t have anything to talk about.  But, there’s an appeal that younger women have that’s irresistible.  She carries with her the sensation of energy, youth and vitality.  That feeling is almost palpable.  Guys that date younger women say they feel younger and more energetic themselves.  It’s a great feeling!

If you’re looking at dating a younger woman, here are a few things you need to know.

In the emotional department, not all women mature faster than men.  This may fly in the face of everything you’ve heard, but think of the last time you went to a bar or club and listened to a group of college girls talking at the table next to you.  All I’m saying here is that you need to be a little discriminating when you go to date a younger woman.

Younger women that are worth your time and effort will fall into one of these three categories:

1.  The smart and self-assured girl.  This girl is very intelligent.  She has high expectations of herself  and the people she’s with.  She’s goal oriented.  A woman with these qualities admires experience and maturity, traits that you possess.  She appreciates a man who is sophisticated and knows how to please her physically.  She’s open to new ideas and is willing to experiment with you.  She will likely want you advice and input from time to time.

2.  The nice girl.  This girl already likes you on a friendly level.  She’s enjoys being around men that are mature; she ignores ‘boyz’.  She has good sense and wants to be with someone she can relate to on her level.  Men that are confident, masculine, and are capable of making her feel feminine and sexy are the type of men she desires to be close to.  This type of woman is a lot of fun.  She has a desire to please you and turn you on.  Her spontaneity is exciting.

3.  The entertaining girl.  This girl is attractive and outgoing.  She’s also extremely competitive and highly concerned about the opinions of others.  She really likes boys.  This combination of traits can also indicate that she can be a drama queen.  Use caution when dating this girl.  Also known as a ‘party girl’, she like new experiences.  Dating an older man is an adventure for her.  She really likes status, material things, and the advantages that an older man can give her.  However, she also has the added trait of using people to get what she wants.  Tantrums and really ugly can become a part of the relationship.  She’s fun, but a lot of trouble.

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