Shopping for Relatives Online

Shopping for Relatives Online

Ranita Suri, an upper middle class lady from tony South Delhi was planning her annual trip to Malaysia in South East Asia, to visit her maternal family. This was a trip she did every year and she looked forward to greatly. It enabled her to take a much deserved break from the mundane life she led in Delhi and running the large household and many other responsibilities. These holidays enabled her to spend time with her cousins and their children, her many relatives and friends who lived in the national capital territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Her preparations for this annual holiday began months in advance as it did every year. She had to make her list of shopping for herself and select what to take to wear in the humid weather which persists all year around due to Malaysia being in the tropical zone. She began to make her selections from her wardrobe and began to pack. As usual she wanted to pick some new womens casual shirts for herself and as gifts for her various cousins too. She had a long list of people for whom she had to shop for before catching her plane.

She began to fret and did not like the idea of going to crowded malls via messy traffic jams especially in the heat of blistering New Delhi. Plus her health being delicate did not allow her too many allowances anyways. Her sons especially the Poona based Samir suggested that they indulge in online shopping clothes for women as that would take away the stress totally. His mother agreed with the suggestion with trepidation, as she did not want to end up with hits and misses with gifts for her near and dear ones.

Ranita being internet savvy was soon browsing and surfing through leading web stores and portals based in India, of which many have mushroomed over the years and some shut shop as well sadly. She was confused by the products and the portals. While browsing she came across the online shopping portal for clothes called and this is where her search ended. With brands such as ‘Bombay high’, ‘markrich’ and ‘’, she was floored by the extensive range of womens casual shirts and dresses to make the wear look chic. And much to her surprise the prices would not her pinch her pocket with great deals and discounts on offer. They even provided free shipping for certain products. The extensive range of casual tops in a rainbow of colors would be a big hit among her female relatives as they were all made with 100% cotton, which was ideal for tropical countries. Plus she was also able to narrow down on her own personal shopping from this site. With a few clicks, she finished her shopping with the help of her plastic credit card and waited patiently for the clothes to arrive at her doorstep. Soon she was up and away in the skies flying to meet her family members a relaxed and happy lady.

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