Some Factors For Men Or Women In Dating


Deciding to choose your lifelong mate is a tough task, especially with the nation’s divorce rate growing each year. There is a fact that too many people are moving so fast so some of you tend to hold back.


Just because a couple may be in love, that does not mean they are ready to be joined in marriage. Although I believe that love is the core contributer in being a strong couple, it is only ONE factor. There are many other “little things” that keep a couple together. Those are the things you want to consider before and while searching for that Mister or Miss Right.


One factor is compatibility or how much you two have in common. Ask those who have been married for twenty, twenty-five, thirty plus years. That is a long time for two people to be living together. They have to share common interests, activities, and lifestyles. Basically, you should marry someone who wants many of the same things in life as you want.


Another factor is observing your date, not only how he or she treats you but others. How do they treat their family and friends? How do they treat others you may meet in public? Does it match how you treat others? Are you comfortable being seen (or even associated) with this person? More importantly, how does this person treat you?


One major factor is asking yourself, “Can I express my emotions and communicate openly with my date?” or “Can I trust this person with my deepest thoughts?” Make sure you feel you can express yourself with complete honesty without feeling you will hurt your date, or that he or she will scold you. This is about emotional safety, not only for your date, but for you.


These and other factors need to be remembered when deciding whether you and your date are compatible for “moving on to the next level.” What and/or how much do you (two) have in common? How does your date treat (you and) others? Can you openly communicate and show your feelings to your date?


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