South African Cuisine- Multicultural And Multi Hued Savouries

South African Cuisine- Multicultural And Multi Hued Savouries

South African cuisine is multihued cuisine with a sumptuous variety of different food items available from the deliciously diverse cultures such as Khoisan, Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho speaking people, Dutch and British descent including the cuisine of the Cape Malay people, which has many characteristics of Malaysia and Java), and there are many influences to the African food from neighbouring colonial cultures such as Portuguese Mozambique and Tanzanian cuisine.

It is well known that flavours of South Africa are the indigenous and multi-cultural cuisine adds to culinary specialities from all over the world. African food recipes are produced from a variety of European vegetables, fruits and meat. Over the years other cultures such as the Malay, the French, Europeans, Indians and the British have successfully introduced a lot of flavours adding to the culinary preferences of food lovers. Moreover the African cuisine is derived from a variety of multicultural sources and from the cookery practices that are followed by indigenous people.

At the charming restaurants you can savour dishes that include palm oil-based stew packed with shreds of meat, stockfish, okra and a lot of flavour. Moreover you can eat mafé which is a thick peanut sauce with chunks of tender lamb with yassa, chicken braised in a Mediterranean-flavoured stew of green olives, onion and lemon. It is among the favourite South African food recipes. Most of the dishes are savoured with a generous mound of rice and rice pudding dessert.

When you are in Africa it is ideal time for more food and less talk. One of the famous Nigerian proverbs aptly suits the situation when you relish African cuisines which says, “Words are sweet but they never take the place of food”.

The proximity of former Portuguese colonies Mozambique and Angola to South Africa, you will find a substantial inclusion of Portuguese cuisine making considerable impact in the South African kitchen. Similar to Togo cuisine the most predominantly used hot and spicy chilli-based seasoning, next to garlic, onions, bay leaves, fresh coriander, paprika and red sweet peppers makes the cuisines lip smacking.

As you decide to take delight in the exciting selection of delicious food you will find ample number of dishes throughout South Africa, from the delightfully distinctive flavours of South Africa’s multi cultural food to the exotic culinary specialties from across the globe. Undoubtedly the South African cuisine offers an exciting selection of delicious recipes for the food lovers to select from.

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