Tasty Lamb Recipes And Greek Cuisine For Different Occasions

Tasty Lamb Recipes And Greek Cuisine For Different Occasions

One staple of Greek cooking is lamb. Greek cookbooks abound with lamb recipes which can be used for a variety of occasions. These include recipes for appetizers, lunches, main courses, and holidays-themed dishes. Each takes advantage of the various cuts and preparations of lamb available to the cook, with the leg, shank, rib, loin, and ground lamb being some of the most popular.

One widely loved Greek dish is dolmades, which means stuffed grape leaves. Dolmades are usually served as an appetizer but can also be eaten as a main dish. Chefs may use fresh or jarred grape leaves and fill them with a ground lamb filling. Mixed with the lamb is rice, scallions, rice, garlic and spices. The leaves are rolled up and sauteed. They are then topped off with a lemon sauce.

During your lunch break, you may be wishing to eat something other than the traditional fast food burger. Think about ordering souvlaki. This is a Greek sandwich on pits bread. Inside the pita are cubes of lamb which has been marinated in red wine, mint and other some spices and then grilled. Finishing touches to the souvlaki are sliced red onion, cucumbers and tomatoes and a yogurt sauce.

For the fan of a casserole is pastichio (also spelled pasticcio.) This is a Greek lasagna made in two layers. First is a pasta combined with a meat sauce. The most common pasta choices are penne, elbows and ziti. The sauce consists of ground lamb, onion, garlic and a little cinnamon mixed in a tomato sauce. The topping is a bechamel sauce made up of flour, eggs, butter and milk. When this sauce is baked, it gets a custard-like texture which complements the meat and pasta nicely.

For a holiday or other special occasion, a Greek-style roasted leg of lamb is a popular dish. First you want to thoroughly wash the lamb and cut several slits in it. In these slits you will the “flavorings.” This is a mixture of melted butter, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and oregano. Then rub the meat down with more olive oil and coat it will a layer of lemon juice. This will take about 3 hours to cook at 325 degrees.

An easy dish to make for dinner is Greek lemon chicken. After marinating chicken thighs in a mixture of olive oil, lemon and oregano overnight, place the thighs in a baking pan and cover with the remaining marinade and bake. If desired, peeled new potatoes can be arranged along the edges of the pan.

Lamb recipes, with their penchant for versatility and flavor, are popular throughout the world. Many cuisines, besides Greek, make lamb the centerpiece of the meal.

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