The Advancement Of The Rugby Shirt

The Advancement Of The Rugby Shirt

Sports clothing has come a long way over the years. In every sport you look at, you can see such a stark contrast compared to even just 20 years ago. Cynics will look at this as simply a product of the time with manufacturers, sponsors, and teams alike are simply after a fast buck at the expense of loyal supporters. Although to a certain degree this is true there is actually a lot of benefit to be gained from kit innovations and a great example to look at is the legendary Rugby shirt.

Back in what many might see as the good old days, rugby shirts were nothing more than simple cotton shirts. These shirts came with a modest button opening and collar and contained no sponsors or any mark for the manufacturer. This almost classical way the players dressed echoes the romance of the game in a time where the sport took precedence over any “celebrity” players. However, was it really better back then? Have the innovations to rugby shirts made playing the game any better? Well the short answer is a resounding yes!

Players are now lighter and aerodynamic making the game even faster paced than ever before.

So how much has the Rugby shirt actually changed? Most professional rugby shirts these days are made from pure polyester. It was during the 2003 Rugby World Cup when we saw these types of shirt first being used. Polyester is a much lighter and slicker material meaning a stop to heavy shirts from a sudden downpour of rain. The new polyester material also allows the shirt to cling to the body more, something the England rugby kit of 2003 has become famous for. This makes player much more mobile and aerodynamic and also puts a stop to players grabbing onto the loose material.

Cotton on the other hand is the preferred choice when it comes to wearing a Rugby shirt off the field due to its high levels of comfort as well as stylish looks. You can now get Rugby shirts of all kinds from long sleeve to short sleeve and in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

Cotton Rugby shirts have a proven track record when it comes to durability, cotton being a quality material means they are extremely durable making it a good investment as it will last wash after wash and stand the test of time.

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