The Impact of Joint Pain on your Relationships

The Impact of Joint Pain on your Relationships

Joint pain is not just a problem for your physical relationship with the world aroudn you, but also your emotional relationships. It is not enough that pain hampers things like work and recreation, but you will likely discover that prolonged joint pain puts stress on your relationships; friendships, family and your love life. This is one of the reasons why finding joint pain relief is necessary; joint pain relief is not just for yourself, but for everyone around you too.

Constant joint pain, even just a dull ache in your hips or back, is exhausting because pain is a drain on your stamina. This is compounded by the fact that with joint pain, your activities may be severely limited and the things you enjoyed are now far more difficult. Many of these activities are those you bonded with others over and without them, it may be harder to stay bonded. Things from skiing and hiking to sex become more difficult depending on the joint pain and this has varying negative effects on your relationships. Some people may give up completely and start cutting ties to you because they cannot do much with you anymore.

Constant joint pain can also drive people away who only did quiet things with you. There will be a lot of complaining, grumbling, and swearing which accompanies joint pain and many people tire of hearing about it and leave. Others may stay with you, but have a difficult time dealing with you and with not knowing how to make the pain leave; this can lead to bad feelings, depression and irritability on both sides. The sufferer in particular is going to be more prone to mood swings and depression simply because of pain that never seems to go away without a ton of drugs.

Marriage or other more intimate relationships suffer in particular; sex dwindles, cuddling hurts and doing other bonding activities tapers off as one party is too sore and the other one is getting tired of tending to his or her partner and ends up feeling neglected. This cab lead to bad feelings, resentment and sometimes arguments which then feed into the negative feelings in general. Only the sufferer can know what it is like to have this pain to deal with and it is very difficult to tell others exactly how you feel if they have no experience themselves. The joint pain then turns into a very nasty situation.

Joint pain does not just impact your ability to do work or sports or other activities; it also has an impact on your emotional wellbeing and on those around you. It is important, for the sake of your relationships, friendships and family ties, to deal with your joint pain in a way that you can take back your life and enjoy it again. You deserve it and so does everyone around you.

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