The Roles And Duties Of The Crime Analyst In The Criminal Justice Field

by m01229

The Roles And Duties Of The Crime Analyst In The Criminal Justice Field

A crime analyst is as important to the criminal justice field as the police officers who make the arrest. This profession is one of the most interesting and intriguing fields of study that is available. If you think you would be interested in becoming one, read on to find out just how exciting and fulfilling this position can be.

This analyzer of crimes performs many roles and duties. In this article, I will discuss those roles and duties. In no order of importance, they are:

1. The crime analyst is available for law enforcement to detect patterns in crimes so they can be linked with other crimes of the same pattern. This may tell law enforcement officers that this particular crime is being committed by the same person.
In addition to detecting patterns, they may be able to see a trend that will stop this offender from committing other crimes.

2. Crime analysts use another research tool in searching for known offenders when faced with crimes of a certain nature, such as child molesters. Every long term criminal has certain aspects that are attributed to the crimes he or she commits. This is called the modus operandi.

When a crime is committed using a certain modus operandi, the first person the analyst will look at is the criminal who uses this method. This will allow police officers to question this person as to their whereabouts when the crime they are investigating was committed.

3. The analyst also investigates and distributes information they may uncover about trends in crimes. This allows police officers to use their resources to come up with solutions to certain problems. When the analyst and the police officers work together, the apprehension of criminals is much more likely.

4. In addition to searching for criminals, the crime analyst will generate reports for the police agency on how well their system is working. How many man hours the department is using, an analysis of all the complaints communicated to police officers is analyzed and prepared as a report for the appropriate agency.

5. Generating reports on how the police activity will rise or fall with the future is another job that crime analysts perform. This enables law enforcement agencies to prepare for the future. If the prediction is that crime will rise, then the agency must look into hiring more police officers.

6. Community surveys on certain matters have to be analyzed and reports filed with the appropriate department. The police department on a whole depends on the analyst to detect and predict a host of information to help them do their job.

As you can see, the crime analyst performs a lot of roles and duties when it comes to crime prevention, apprehension, and implementation. The position is one of the most interesting in the criminal justice field. There are many more responsibilities that are undertaken by crime analyst. It is difficult for me to cover them all in this short article.

If you think this is the profession for you, check out internet websites that cover the profession in more detail. This will help you gain a full understanding of the profession.

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