The Rugby Shirt Still A True Icon

The Rugby Shirt Still A True Icon

Before something can become an icon, it must first be shrouded in years of history and tradition. By that mark, few things are as iconic worldwide as the classic rugby shirt.

From its distinctive design to the way it is worn, the shirt is woven into rugby’s heritage, and much like the sport itself, the shirt has evolved. No longer solely the uniform of the player, the rugby shirt is proudly worn off the pitch by men, women and children alike. How they wear their shirts may vary, but two things remain the same – their love for the sport, and their appreciation of a classic, quality garment that will never go out of style.

The original rugby shirts were made from thick, hardwearing 100% cotton fabric, as the sport required clothing with as much endurance as its players. However, Great British weather conditions would frequently turn rugby pitches to mud, and absorbent cotton rugby shirts to heavy, waterlogged hindrances to the players. Much to their relief, resilient, water-repelling polyester shirts were eventually introduced, but vintage-style cotton remained the fabric of choice for off-pitch rugby shirt wearers. Thus, its status as a fashionable garment was born.

The rugby shirt – or ‘rugger’ to those who love it most – has now come to epitomise comfort, versatility and sophistication, all the while evoking memories of mud, friendship and good old fun. When you buy a rugby shirt, you make an investment. It is a garment that will look as good with jeans as it will with tailored trousers, as good beside the pitch or in the pub, and as great in two decades’ time as it does right now. The rugby shirt is supposed to be worn for all occasions, in every weather condition, by every type of person. You’ll want to take care of your rugby shirt, but you can also be assured that it will take care of itself.

Whether you opt for a plain shirt or hooped stripes in classic colours of burgundy, teal and canary yellow, or prefer a more contemporary palette, the silhouette of the vintage rugby shirt and its distinctive white, buttoned collar and matching cuffs will always symbolise integrity. Rugby players are tough, and their dedication to the sport is even tougher. You may never have picked up a rugby ball, but wear a rugby shirt and you’re part of the game – how muddy you get is up to you!

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