Tips For Getting Your Kid Into Boxing

Tips For Getting Your Kid Into Boxing

Like all sports, parents are concerned for their child’s safety when considering getting their kid into boxing. But, like all sports, boxing can be safe with the right equipment and learning environment. The risk is no higher than in other popular activities like gymnastics, hockey, diving or football. Ensuring your child’s safety is about being an informed and prepared parent.

The benefits of placing your child in a boxing program far outweigh the risks. They also go beyond the obvious assets of regular exercise and fitness. Boxing instills confidence, esteem, and, most importantly, self discipline. By submitting to a regular training schedule that’s structured and supervised, kids don’t just work out aggression, they learn perseverance and self-management. Training displays a clear and recognizable correlation between hard work and noticeable results. Boxing has also been shown to be particularly effective with children that are considered “at-risk” for behavior problems. By offering an outlet for aggression, providing a steady environment, and a strict schedule, these children learn the benefits of hard work and believing in themselves.

It’s true that with boxing comes the risk of injury, including brain damage, but by choosing a coach that is experienced and works out of a safe, clean environment, you are minimizing that risk significantly. A good coach will always put safety and sportsmanship first. A reputable establishment will be certified and require your child to have health insurance and the proper gear.

The proper gear includes approved, Olympic-style headgear to protect against concussions and a mouth guard to keep those teeth safe. Groin protection is required and female boxers have to wear chest protection as well. Gloves should be child-sized and have a firm, snug fit.

Boxing can be a very rewarding sport. It builds athleticism, but also sportsmanship and self worth. Though many consider boxing to be an aggressive sport, being in the ring isn’t just about pummeling your opponent or unrepentant violence. Amateur boxing is scored on formation and technically correct punches. So, the focus is on accumulating points, not on landing powerful blows.

Despite the many reservations that people can have about boxing, it endures as an effective confidence booster that encourages diligence and preparation. It’s no more dangerous than other popular sports and with the right equipment, teachers, and environment boxing can be a critical part of your child’s development. Boxing is about more than ‘shiners,’ it’s about making your child shine!

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