Video Documentaries, Art Videos, and Pornography

Video Documentaries, Art Videos, and Pornography

What’s the variation between reality demonstrates and video documentaries? Is Retaining Up with the Kardashians an artwork video? What are art video clips and what does watching one particular do to a person’s sense of video documentaries, actuality, and artwork? I just tweeted at porn stars Faye Valentine, Sasha Grey, and Jenna Jameson asking if Vivid Video tends to make art videos or pornography and if there’s a difference. They haven’t gotten back to me so I am going to google it. Fast aside, I enjoy googling, it is the second best source for art videos and video documentaries, second only to, which google has just directed me to.

There is a total universe of on-line video documentaries and other artwork video clips at Wow! I just watched documentary video about “genki” which means “very good” in Japanese and is a sub-genre of pornography…or is it artwork? Apparently these Japanese auteurs, or intercourse employees depending on your definition, make movies using “food” but actually its residing sea life. Hoo-boy, how to describe this? It’s a whole lot of insertion, and touching mouths to items like modest eels, massive eels, gold fish, other fish, octopi, and I consider saw a sea cucumber in there. Like, deep in there. Jeez, this is weird and amazing. My father was a Episcopal minister and he utilized to say, “It requires all varieties,” and I guess that is the philosophy above at as well. What a lovely and odd globe we live in where consenting grownups in the ancient land of Japan make graphic video clips in which they get really innovative with animals with tentacles and then Brookynites at make video documentaries about these “genki” movies in the comfort of the public library. I also adore how this video documentary serves a double objective as a travel manual also.

I have to say I agree with my father and make no judgements as to the sexual preferences of some Japanese men and women but there is some thing kind of beautiful about these weird animals from under the waves and these even weirder animals we phone human beings. This type of extreme conduct is undoubtedly pornographic but it’s also variety of artistic. I’ve constantly wondered if some porn movies could also be regarded artwork videos and I feel these genki video clips may possibly crossover. But I feel that an critical way to gauge the variation between pornos, video documentaries, and art movies is the way they are consumed. Like if a excess fat dude in a dirty tee-shirt stretched tight across his guy-breasts is pulling on his penis in a dark basement while looking at Sasha Grey kissing Faye Valentine’s bathing suit region then that video is probably pornography. But in a way it truly is a video documentary too since it truly is documenting Faye and Sasha’s intimate experience and individuals women are genuinely carrying out the nasty. So I believe there’s a small grey spot there. There is a tan spot and a pink location if you catch my drift.

Now if we consider that video and play it in the theater at the Museum of Contemporary Art or the “MoMA” as us culture vultures at get in touch with it, are we seeking at porn or art? If we aren’t masturbating but consuming this masturbation materials as a method of difficult our preconceived notions of sexual liberation and aestheticism then can we call it an artwork video? Brb, I am going to go get a quick PhD in artwork history and eroticism. Let us table this for now and check out out some a lot more on-line video documentaries and art videos at and we’ll pick up this debate following I finish my dissertation.

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